Teaching concentration to children

Teaching children the art of concentration can be difficult since they will not be able to understand the meaning and the importance of it. Some children are seen to have a short attention span and can result in problems while learning and doing homework. This gives rise to the need to help the child understand and focus.

Here are some ways by which a parent/teacher can help the child concentrate in the classroom/home.

  1. Daily routine – establish a daily routine to study and make learning a part of the daily activity. Allocating a specific time to study will help the child understand the importance of working during that time. This will let the child know what to expect at that particular time of the day. This will only help in separating the child’s play time with studies.
  2. Suitable place to study – a child must be given a proper place and environment to study. Creating a study section at home and encouraging the child to complete his/her studies will help the child realize its importance.
  3. Encourage physical activity – children are confined to a room in school and would feel restless when asked to do their home-work soon after returning. Encouraging physical activities can help them release their energy in a positive manner. Since the mind is relaxed after play, children will be able to concentrate better.
  4. Self-control – teach the child self-control by asking him/her to sit in a place without fiddling around. This will help you know how long the child is able to stay focused. Based on this, homework time can be adjusted with breaks.
  5. Games – every child loves to play and mental games are helpful in improving one’s memory and concentration. Scrabble, puzzles, etc can help in improving the child’s memory. One can find that there are many memory improving games available for children.
  6. Time frame for homework/class work – Set a time frame for the child to complete his/her work. This will give a sense of seriousness to the work done by the child. Supervise and occasionally ask the child for the progress about the work. This will keep the child focused and on track.

It will take time for the child to show his/her seriousness towards the studies and therefore a parent needs to be patient. Give the child some time to get used to the new routine established by you.

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