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How to Deal with Test Anxiety or Examination Anxiety

Test anxiety or examination anxiety is when students become overtly distressed before and during a test or examination and do not perform to optimum levels.   Text anxiety or examination anxiety can make the minds of students go blank before a test or exam.  Students suffering from test/examination anxiety may have very good knowledge of the subject matter.  However, in the examination situation, they may not be able to perform well due to anxiety.   Some amount of anxiety is natural and can even help some students perform better.  However, if the anxiety goes beyond healthy limits, it can lead to distress and a dismal performance during a test or exam. How to Deal with Text Anxiety or Examination Anxiety Do breathing exercises or meditate before the test or exam: Doing breathing exercises and meditating before tests or exams can help students … Continue reading

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Increase confidence during exam

Exams give away a fear that hampers a student’s confidence. I find many students complaining of losing their confidence just a few days before the exams and wanting to know of ways to get their confidence up and running again. Regaining the lost confidence is possible by introducing a couple of changes in your study. Here are some changes that can help you build your confidence and score better during the exams. Practice previous years’ question papers – yes, taking a look at the question papers of past years and working on them can help you understand the pattern that is being followed. Also, one can know the frequently asked questions from certain topics, making them important in your study schedule. For example: In science, one knows that by default the diagram of a flower, heart or kidney is commonly … Continue reading

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Preparing for test and dealing with anxiety

Tests are a regular part of people’s lives. Test readiness is something that requires concentration and attention. When you manage to prepare well for the test, your anxiety automatically goes down. It is important to make your child ready to face exams and work to improve performance. Study habits that help When your child is sitting down to study, do you know for sure that she has all that she needs and is not distracted by a whole array of things. Is she on the phone a lot? Does she end up getting on websites and is distracted? Is day dreaming a problem?  Make sure you talk to your child and check what she needs help with. Maybe she could use some help with some subject or needs additional advice on note taking in class. Check out your child’s time … Continue reading

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Coping with exam fear

Exams are a dreaded period for nearly all students. It is not any new thing, it is something that occurs quite frequently in a student’s life but it remains a matter of grave concern every single time. There are techniques that you can use to cope with your pre-exam nerves and make sure that exam fear works for you and not against you. Exam stress leads to fear: We fear what we do not know. It is a natural process, how you take it is what determines how stressful examinations are for you. People may freeze or fly in the face of fear. Fear of exams is because it obviously matters and this is good, the important thing is to not let it control you but to control it and channel it right. Practise breathing exercises: It is unavoidable that … Continue reading

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How to tackle test anxiety

As a student I would find myself getting cold feet every time exams approached. I would be irritated, forgetting half of what I and constantly on edge every time anybody discusses anything wondering if I know everything I happen to hear. Eventually I realized panicking was making me forget still more and that I could not know everything but still can do well. Test anxiety can be a problem that keeps worrying students everywhere and hampers their performance. Simple ways to avert it include sleeping, eating and exercising right. Too much fried food, over eating, over dose of coffee are all the wrong thing to do before a test. Prepare early and do not overload with new details at the last minute. When you see too many new things before the exam, it can be unnerving. Also avoid being around … Continue reading

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Deal with your exam anxiety

Find out how you can score high marks when CBSE exams approach and keep exam phobia at bay. Continue reading

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