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Teaching Strategies – Active Learning

Active learning is a teaching strategy that encompasses a gamut of strategies.  Active learning includes strategies like discussion, cooperative learning, case studies, etc.  For a long time, lecture method was one of the most common and widely used strategies in teaching.   The lecture method is a conventional strategy of teaching.  Many students end up becoming passive rather than active learners via the lecture method.  Under the lecture and explanation method, the teacher does all the talking and may sometimes clarify doubts at the end of the class.  This has dominated the teaching strategy in many schools and colleges.  Educators now realize that in addition to the lecture method, many other strategies need to be used to encourage more active participation of learners.  This can enrich the learning experience.  With the help of active learning, students will be able to understand … Continue reading

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Effective Teaching Strategies to Enhance 21st Century Learning Skills

Teachers, parents and mentors need to look at effective teaching strategies that will enhance 21st century learning skills in students.  The McCaulay-style of education is still prevalent in India.  This emphasizes only the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), rote learning and an exam and mark-oriented approach.  This is slowly giving way to more wholesome approaches in teaching.  Of course, good reading and writing skills, arithmetic and a good assessment program are important.  However, in addition to this, there are many other 21st century learning skills that have been identified by educators.  These 21st century learning skills can empower and enrich the life of students.  The 21st century learning skills are critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and communication, information, media and technology skills and life and career skills.  These skills will help students in bringing about solutions and improve conditions for … Continue reading

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Lecture styles used in class

Teachers always have certain distinctive styles of educating their class to engage their students. If you can understand and identify the kind of lecture style used in a class environment you can learn better. By clearly identifying lecture styles in the classroom you can take better notes as well. Here are some of the basic styles in use: Topic list Question-answer Cause-Effect Compare-contrast Problem- Solution Series of Events Lets look at these styles in some more detail: Topic List: In this style of lecturing, the teacher presents certain topics and connects it to various sub topics in the course of the lecture. Transitional words like next, secondly and more indicate a possible use of this style. Question-answer: In this the teacher introduces the class to a question and helps them to arrive at an answer based on hints or other … Continue reading

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Teaching strategies in the classroom

Students and teachers have evolved over the years and transformed into individuals who have unique and original ideas. It is no longer that the teacher speaks and the student listens, active participation is encouraged in the classroom to make learning a co-operative process. Active learning is an important part of the student’s growth and one of the most important strategies in use. It involves providing information that will actively help the students retain and understand content while in the classroom. Participating in debates, discussions and more engage the students in active learning. Co-operative learning is yet another method that is popular. The teacher divides students into groups and instructs them to work together on a topic and teach and discuss among themselves making each student a learner and a teacher at the same time. Inquiry based learning is a popular … Continue reading

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Tips for new teachers

When considering a teacher who is new to the field and also has a lot of responsibilities, there is much to be learnt. Whether the students have a specific learning problem, or they are well accomplished, it is important to give them the right kind of attention for proper growth. As a teacher you will encounter many situations which will require you to prove your mettle and also establish your authority. It is not possible to always predict or know what to expect. The difficult part is in drawing the line between being a friend or a guide. You can be a friend in so much as you can be a confidante in certain matters, but make sure that clear lines of authority are there. Lessons plans being done newly, working on a schedule to follow, individual attention for your … Continue reading

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For a teacher helping the visually impaired

Kids with special needs are no different from others but do need immense care and consideration. It is not possible to always do the right thing by them, but it is important to put effort into doing so. It is not impossible to achieve success and reach goals with visually impaired kids in the classroom. What is required is an understanding of the condition and the abilities and short comings of the child. As a teacher you may panic at the extra consideration that has to given or not to help the student perform in class. Rather than worrying or smothering the child, it is important to understand what the moment and the individual requires from the teacher. You may have had very little training in helping a blind kid, take this as an opportunity to learn and assist. This … Continue reading

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