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Study Skill Suggestions for High School Students

The high school years are a wonderful time for students to further explore and enhance their understanding of concepts, learn new and more advanced concepts and expand upon them.  Study skills can only be enhanced if students are able to learn in a joyful, experiential and activity-based manner.  The modern educational curricula are being enhanced the world over to make learning a joyful and insightful experience and to encourage learners to be innovators and problem-solvers.  In order to have good study skills, one needs to make the learning experience dynamic with visualizations as well as auditory and kin-aesthetic experiences and application-based learning.  Let us look at a few study skill suggestions that can further enhance a student’s understanding of concepts and encourage problem-solving, application and innovation. Visualize:   Students can use mind maps, diagrams, drawings and interactive multimedia content in order … Continue reading

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Choosing the right supplementary study material for your child

Competition is everywhere and dominates academics more than anywhere else. One can find themselves caught in the rat-race to excel in academics and also extracurricular. When it comes to academics, all parents are very particular that their ward must score well. Till a couple of years back, books and teachers were the only means by which a child could learn, but now that’s not the case anymore. There are many educational service providers who have come up to help parents and students find supplementary learning materials to enhance knowledge. Supplementary learning materials help the child understand the concepts and topics in a better way through animations, videos, activities etc. Not only will this enhance their knowledge, but also makes it a convenient way to learn. Let us first understand the various supplementary learning materials that are available in the market. … Continue reading

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Ways to get the formulae into your mind

Children always find it hard to get formulae right in their mind. When it comes to understanding formulae and recalling them, there is a kind of hesitance which comes up. For some memorizing the formulae is easy, while for others it can be a challenge. Challenge – yes, but nothing that it cannot be achieved. To help succeed in this challenge, we have some tips that can help you get every formulae correct. Pay attention to what is being taught in the classroom. This is the first time you are introduced to the formulae and as such your brain is going to be eager to know more about it. Read over and over again – go through the formula over and over again and it will retain in your memory. This can be done by rote learning method, wherein irrespective … Continue reading

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Surya Namaskar for better score in academics

Surya Namaskar- the name translates to salutation to the sun and is being followed by us from a very long time. India, being a land of many traditions and beliefs, we follow many practices which are aimed at improving our inner-self.  One such practice is Surya Namaskar, which helps us revitalize and relax ourselves. Students all over the country are busy in their preparation for the upcoming exams. They are stressed out and would be happy to know about some methods by which they can relax, improve concentration and also boost their spirits up. One of the easiest ways is by practicing Surya Namaskar on a daily basis. Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 different postures (asanas) that is very well described in ancient yoga. Surya Namaskar is usually done at the start of the day, which is very … Continue reading

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Increase confidence during exam

Exams give away a fear that hampers a student’s confidence. I find many students complaining of losing their confidence just a few days before the exams and wanting to know of ways to get their confidence up and running again. Regaining the lost confidence is possible by introducing a couple of changes in your study. Here are some changes that can help you build your confidence and score better during the exams. Practice previous years’ question papers – yes, taking a look at the question papers of past years and working on them can help you understand the pattern that is being followed. Also, one can know the frequently asked questions from certain topics, making them important in your study schedule. For example: In science, one knows that by default the diagram of a flower, heart or kidney is commonly … Continue reading

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Preparing for a science exam

Science is a subject that can be very intriguing yet at the same time be very perplexing. With so many branches in science – physics, chemistry and biology, students find many reasons for putting away the study of these branches for the last minute. While biology can be easy to understand, physics and chemistry requires the students’ utmost concentration and understanding for better scoring in the same. Here are some tips to help students succeed in their science exams, especially physics and chemistry. Since these subjects have lots of formulae to remember, it would be a good idea to concentrate in the class from the very beginning. Keeping it for the last minute is not going to do any good. Keep a book filled with important notes and formulae. This will help you refresh your mind whenever you need them. … Continue reading

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