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KWL as a Study Skill Technique

The KWL chart or table is used by teachers all over the world across age groups to encourage research and inquiry-based learning.  It was developed by Donna Ogle in 1986.  The KWL chart can be incorporated as a study skill technique during self-study and group study sessions.  The KWL is an acronym for Know, Want to Know and Learned/Learnt.  There are also modifications of the KWL chart which have been used to enhance learning by educators and students.  Let us discuss KWL as a study skill technique. Know:   Know stands for what the student already knows about the topic to be studied.  This can also include what the student thinks he/she knows about the topic.  It helps students recall and review prior knowledge if any on the topic and make connections while learning and expand upon what has already been … Continue reading

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Study skills for better CBSE results

Study skills to help your CBSE exams Continue reading

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