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Working in groups in online study

Technology has advanced so much, such that the need to go out to colleges to study is lost. Many universities, colleges and institutes have come up with distance education programs, which enable the students to study during their free time in the comfort of their homes. Any medium of learning can be enhanced with study groups. While in schools, it is easy to make study groups and work towards achieving the goal, whereas in an online study, choosing people and working towards achieving success is a challenge. Finding like-minded, goal oriented people is difficult in an online study. Also, since no one meets personally, it is important to identify and choose the right person to be part of the study group.  Online forums are established by the university/institute and moderated by a person who is part of the group. Here … Continue reading

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Similarities between Online and traditional system of education

Online education is gaining acceptance due to its easy and convenient nature. Students and elders are able to sit at the comfort of their home and study, without having to spend time and money on traveling and looking for teachers to help one with studies. Although one does not attend a physical campus, there are some similarities which can be seen in an online and traditional system of education. Assignments – assignments are a part of learning and are given to all students, irrespective of the fact that he/she is an online student or a student attending a regular class. One can expect to complete assignments and reading, attending tests in an online classroom, just as in a regular classroom. Reference material – text books are common for both the online course and a regular course. Whatever be the medium … Continue reading

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Learning online makes CBSE courses easier

Someone has said that books open up a whole new world. For most students in school, this does not apply. Books tend to make them fear the subject or find it boring. Many students end up feeling sleepy the minute they see or hear of certain subjects. Maths and physics top the list for some while for others it is Biology that gets tedious and tiresome. It is important to be able to get past the boredom or dislike that you experience for a subject and focus on your long term goals in order to achieve the targets you have set. When you want to achieve results you have to find ways to make learning interesting and acquire better understanding of the more difficult concepts. NCERT textbooks provide in-depth information, however it is not just this that is enough in … Continue reading

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Free online content for CBSE

Every student wants to get the best for their learning. Finding the right resources is just as important if not more critical than generating the right kind of content. There are a number of websites that offer online content for CBSE but many students go after free online content. However there are numerous disadvantages to it. When on the internet be careful not to trust your resources easily. There are enough and more free websites but the content available on them is often quite spurious and written by students just to get attention by attracting more people. The questions may even be made up and incorrect answers are given most of the time. Rather than going for free online CBSE content or papers, sign up with legitimate websites which offer valuable and enlightening information to the students. Many people do … Continue reading

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Advantages of online education

The world of academics is forever changing. The internet revolution is continually transforming our lives and our experiences. It is the best network to mobilize and connect millions of experts from all over the world. Education is continually being globalized and allowing greater access for tutors to work with and share their knowledge with students from every corner. There are numerous advantages to this system and they are seen every day: You get access to subject matter experts easily: There are numerous people all over the world who have better education, degrees and more. Often the problem was that they were located in different corners of the globe. Online education has bridged the gaps of distance and time zones through technology. It saves time: There are numerous appointments and plans in our lives already. When we have to frequently travel … Continue reading

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E-learning revolution and online courses

The way we learn and the way we live has changed much over the years. There are so many ways in which we can see those changes but perhaps one of the most evident ones is the e-revolution. Everything is available online including education and learning. It is about technological advancements, it is about better tools and it is about alternate and better resources being available. There are so many children who complain that their text books are simply too boring. Another common problem encountered is that the teacher simply cannot explain effectively enough to help the child learn. When you have both these problems a good way to learn is by using online resources and interactive online courses that will make the learning process smoother. If your teacher does not communicate to you effectively and you are worried about … Continue reading

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