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Tips for success in math Olympiad

Mathematics – the subject without whom we will not be able to survive and also the most dreaded by many. When worked properly, success is at your feet. Here are some tips to help you walk your way to success. Identify the syllabus for the math Olympiad-Math Olympiad is designed for students of various age groups and as such every age group will have particular topics which they will have to be well versed in. Organize all the materials which you have in hand – any material pertaining to the math Olympiad must be kept separately and not mixed with the rest of the materials. Practice various concepts on your own. This will help build on your skills required for the Olympiad. Use a separate sheet of paper to work out the problems. Do not hesitate to use the sheet … Continue reading

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Maths games for fun learning

Math’s is a subject that is often complicated and difficult for many students. It is important to find ways to make it interesting and lively to engage the students in the learning process. There are many ways to make this subject more interesting for students. One of them is to engage them in doing sums based on interesting application based questions. Another way is to design worksheets with a theme. Many schools work by having special Christmas themed worksheets and sums. These are an interesting way to focus on the student and his likes and dislikes and also to make an otherwise dreary situation far more interesting. Math skills will invariably grow better when you enjoy the questions. A better understanding of the question is also gained as students work with different questions framed in a language that is familiar … Continue reading

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Make Mathematics all about ‘mathemagic’

A subject many students dread and feel overwhelmed about is Math. This subject like for many other students had been the reigning nightmare in my life for years until i realized, Math is a precise science. It’s about applying logic and a precise formula to arrive at results. What you need to do is to change your perspective about the subject and realize it’s not a nightmare, here’s how: It’s simple enough if you practice- Math is more about applying the right steps than any huge skill. Math is like cooking, putting in the right ingredients for the end result. It’s like sports, working with effort to arrive at a goal following certain rules. And if you realize that it is not the stuff of nightmares, you’d find learning it much easier. Stop connecting it to the teachers- When you … Continue reading

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Work on your math skills

Math and logic are essential skills that children must acquire to be able to perform and achieve in life. Numerical intelligence must be carefully cultivated in kids from a young age to be able to achieve real results. Whether it is for simple shopping or to be able to achieve results learning math skills is invaluable. Mathematics is a subject that invariably is the base and often a defining element for a number of other subjects like Biology, chemistry, physics, economics and more . Every child looks for math help. The first step any child would take is to ask a parent or their teacher. Make sure that you do not make a negative impression when they approach you. Rather cultivate an active interest by having them work on math worksheets on interactive websites like Tutor Vista or Edurite where … Continue reading

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Improving your child’s math study skills

If you try to pinpoint one subject that is the stuff of nightmares for a school kid you can blindly point at Math. The best way to improve your child’s math skills is to expose them to talk about numbers as much as possible. Research has shown ample proof in favor of this statement. When kids are in preschool standardized tests can show clear differences in their performances with numbers. Parents who spend more time counting, playing number games and labeling sizes, counting pictures and more with toddlers are setting the foundation for better math’s skills at a very early age.  Children will take time to perceive and understand number words, however, using them more often will help to improve their learning and perception of numbers.  Teach kids to count with coins or rupees. Children who have handled … Continue reading

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