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Using blogs to Teach and Learn

Educational technology brought about a new revolution in the field of teaching and learning globally. Blogs have been much popular among the public due to their socio technical, socio-cultural approach. A blog helps in virtual interaction by easing the process of web publication. Blogs have become popular among the teachers and the student masses as it serves as a perfect blend of teaching – learning methodology in the educational field. Blog helps to maintain the learning process in an active form. Blogs as potentials of educational technologies: The potentials of the blog in the educational technologies seem to have no end. Let us explore a few more potentials that can benefit the teachers and the students are as follows: Though the concept of educational journals is not new, blogs have come up as the newest face of the educational journal. … Continue reading

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Importance of learning the Sign Language

Sign language is a medium of communicating your thoughts and ideas through the facial expressions, hand shapes and finger spellings. The linguistic and grammatical structure of the sign language is independent and includes pragmatics, semantics and syntax. Sign language requires the right combination of movements, orientation, head movements, eye-gazes and hand-shapes to convey the message effectively. Users of the Sign Language: Most prominently sign languages comes to the aid of the deaf and the dumb people. Sign language is most useful in lip reading and means of communication. Sign language is also used by the interpreters who translate spoken language to the people or family members who have a hearing disability or a speech disorder across all ages. Sign language is used in various fields like in the news channels meant for the the deaf and the dumb community. Scuba … Continue reading

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Advantages of Social Studies

Social Studies seems a boring and useless subject to most of us. But the truth is actually different. It is one of the most interesting subject that comes with a galore of advantages. So teachers need to procure adequate knowledge in this subject and plan their lessons accordingly. Social studies does not confine itself to a few known branches but has expanded its scope to different areas as follows: History Geography Civics Political Science Economics Sociology Archeology Anthropology Culture These are the areas that focus primarily on the human behaviors and their individual interactions with the world, cultures and the society. History gives us a glance of the past events and helps the growth of the society based on the past experiences. Students often find it difficult to get jobs due to their ignorance about the social knowledge. Anthropology is … Continue reading

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The revival of the music and math connections

Do you know the connection between Math and Music? No, its not the common M factor. There is a lot more to this connection that we need to explore. Various research and the studies conducted worldwide have proved that there is a positive impact on the math scores of those who have a good ear for quality music. When we dig in to find the correlation that exists between these two seemingly different subjects, we find that most of the educators agree with the fact that both the disciplines are similar and require a specific skill-set. Skills like cooperation, memorization, self motivation, reasoning are learnt in the music class as they learn in the math class. The two wings of self motivation are team work and cooperation and this helps the students to learn the qualities of team building and … Continue reading

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Coping with learning disorders

Children are the apple of every parent’s eye. Every parent wants the best for their children and it hurts them to see their child in trouble. Learning disorders affect many children. Learning disorders can be categorized based on the type of information being processed or by the specific difficulties faced. Learning disabilities are not often identified by the parent and are often identified by school psychologists, clinical psychologists or neuro psychologists through a combination of intelligence testing, academic achievement testing, classroom performance and social interaction and aptitude. Life changes once a learning disorder is diagnosed. It becomes important for the parent to understand the situation and not panic. Coping with a learning disorder can be challenging. Once the learning disability has been identified, one can follow strategies and medications to help cope with the disorder. Taking steps to manage a … Continue reading

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Knowing about non-verbal learning disorder(NVLD)

Non-verbal communications are used by many of us to communicate with others. This has been used as a mode of communication from a very long time. Non-verbal communication is implicit with all humans in understanding gestures, movements, postures and body language etc. Non-verbal learning disorder is the difficulty of a person in interpersonal communication, such as perception, co-ordination, socialization, non-verbal problem solving and understanding humor.Kids with non-verbal communication disorder have very impressive verbal, reading, spelling and rote memory skills. Their difficulty in interpersonal communication makes them physically weak and is unable to adapt themselves to the environment. People/kids with this disability may misunderstand non-verbal communication or are unable to formulate an appropriate response. This makes socializing difficult. It is also seen that maintaining eye contact can be difficult, because they are uncomfortable maintaining it or because they do not remember … Continue reading

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