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Let us learn about Dyspraxia

Developmental Dyspraxia is considered to be one of the specific learning difficulty that affects the development of the fine motor skills in the child. There is a lack of co-ordination in the planned movements that results in the failure of transmission of messages from the brain to the various parts of the body. This disorder cannot be absolutely cured and affects the male population in common when compared to the female population. Developmental Dyspraxia is also known as Developmental co-ordination disorder. Assessment of the disorder: The assessment of the disorder requires the medical practitioner to go through the developmental history of the child. Motor skill screening activities like physical sequencing, sensitivity of the touch, balancing and the variations in the walking activities indicate the existence of dyspraxia. Signs and symptoms of the disorder: Developmental Dyspraxia can cause impairment of the … Continue reading

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Understanding auditory procesing disorder

Children are so delicate and always spread a positive vibe around them. This helps the elders relieve their stress many times. “Many revisit their childhood during times spend with a child’s. No one thinks/dreams of having a child diagnosed with a learning disorder. Dealing with a child’s disability can take a toll on one’s body and mind. There are many kinds of disabilities which are known, one of which is the auditory processing disorder. Auditory processing disorder (ADP) is a disorder in which a person cannot process the information they hear in the same way as the others. This leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting sounds. The causes for ADP are not yet known. ADP is associated with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism. Early detection of any disorder can help the child and the parent in finding the … Continue reading

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Helping your child cope with LD’s

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Learning in kids with disabilities

Children with disabilities can learn just as well and just as much as the others. There are very important variables that come into play when it comes to these kids. You must certainly be familiar with the names Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy and Mozart. These are all accomplished individuals, geniuses in their own right. These were also people who had learning disabilities and grew up to be competent and successful individuals in their own right. Children with disabilities are simply different. They just need some special attention in learning and retaining information that is taught to them. Learning  disabled kids can certainly demonstrate keen intelligence and unique abilities to perceive and understand matters. They merely need additional help and resources to help them to have an appropriate education. Learning disabled children have various problems in listening, writing, … Continue reading

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Parenting tips for those with special needs kids

Special needs children are no less capable or different from any others. They have simply been born different and require some additional assistance to be able to achieve results like their other counterparts. Children recognize differences and learn to fear or isolate them from an early age. This tends to make things quite difficult to deal with for a teacher or parent. Having a child who is differently abled or with special needs can be quite challenging. There will be many questions, sudden unscheduled meetings, difficulties in evaluation and much more can make the equation even more difficult. The important thing to do is to find suitable assistance and also get proper evaluation and testing done so as to ascertain what can be done for your child. You might be feeling particularly alone in the classroom as being the only … Continue reading

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Cope with your child’s learning disability

It is not uncommon to find difficulties in learning or performing in certain subjects. Especially when it comes to math, many children have problems and tend to look for other options. Many parents tend to believe that math is simply a difficult subject and their child just isn’t smart enough to tackle the issues with learning the subject. Mathematical difficulty is a kind of learning disability that is known by the name of dyscalculia. This condition which is otherwise known commonly as math blindness can severely hamper the academic performance of an individual and is a neurological condition. There are several conditions that can alert a parent and the child should be tested immediately for early intervention. Some of the signs of this learning disorder are: • Difficulty in dealing with numbers • Confusion in math symbols • Reversing and … Continue reading

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