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6 Ways to Improve Concentration While Studying

Concentration is one of the key factors for effective studying.   Without concentration and reviewing of study material in comfortable chunks, students will be unable to study and perform at optimum levels.  With the introduction of CCE and semester-like patterns, it is important for students to review what they have studied at regular intervals.  This will also ensure that they develop good study habits and study topics with greater depth.   Moreover, concentration during each and every study session helps students cover the vast syllabus in detail and in a comprehensive manner.  On this note, let us discuss 6 ways to improve concentration while studying. Study at a designated place and at a designated time: In order to improve concentration, it helps if students study at a designated place which is free from any kind of distractions.  Other family members need to … Continue reading

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Surya Namaskar for better score in academics

Surya Namaskar- the name translates to salutation to the sun and is being followed by us from a very long time. India, being a land of many traditions and beliefs, we follow many practices which are aimed at improving our inner-self.  One such practice is Surya Namaskar, which helps us revitalize and relax ourselves. Students all over the country are busy in their preparation for the upcoming exams. They are stressed out and would be happy to know about some methods by which they can relax, improve concentration and also boost their spirits up. One of the easiest ways is by practicing Surya Namaskar on a daily basis. Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 different postures (asanas) that is very well described in ancient yoga. Surya Namaskar is usually done at the start of the day, which is very … Continue reading

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Teaching concentration to children

Teaching children the art of concentration can be difficult since they will not be able to understand the meaning and the importance of it. Some children are seen to have a short attention span and can result in problems while learning and doing homework. This gives rise to the need to help the child understand and focus. Here are some ways by which a parent/teacher can help the child concentrate in the classroom/home. Daily routine – establish a daily routine to study and make learning a part of the daily activity. Allocating a specific time to study will help the child understand the importance of working during that time. This will let the child know what to expect at that particular time of the day. This will only help in separating the child’s play time with studies. Suitable place to … Continue reading

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Martial arts for better performance in the classroom

The greatest wealth is health – Virgil. Health is considered as a priceless gift which we all have. A healthy body, combined with a healthy mind is required for all of us to achieve our goals and success in life. With the emphasis being laid on providing good education to children, most of the parents neglect the need for providing an opportunity for building a healthy body too. Enrolling the child to a martial arts program would have double benefits, by building a healthy body and a healthy mind too. Learning martial arts will not only help the child know the self-defense techniques, but will also help shaping the child’s mind. Here are a few benefits to the child in learning martial arts : Co-ordination : Learning any kind of martial arts will help improve the child’s co-ordination. It will … Continue reading

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Study breaks for effective studying

Studying and study skills are something you may have heard enough and more about. What about study breaks? I’m sure you know that it is always essential to be taking breaks between your classes if you want to be doing well and learning the new content. It is important to take at least one ten minute break for every 50 minutes of time that you spend in studying. Staring at textbook content and presentations for hours together would tire your body and mind as it certainly involves a lot of concentration and effort on the student’s part. Sleeping is an equally important part of study breaks as demonstrated by the ever popular notion of power naps. People will certainly remember more of the content they have learnt when they take a nap post a study session than if they keep … Continue reading

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Tips to improve concentration

There are days when you may be able to solve 20 sums in math in an hour and other days when doing 10 sums itself becomes a chore and a difficult task. No matter which subject it is, results do tend to vary now and then. The key difference between the day you performed exceptionally well and the day you did not is simple, concentration. Concentration is about focusing on one single thing. Often the trouble is that our thoughts tend to travel exceptionally fast and hence focusing on one single thought while your mind is racing with a million thoughts becomes a difficult task. In order to concentrate, observe events and people as they are in a high level of concentration. A classic example would be to observe your friends or just people around you when you are watching … Continue reading

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