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Developing the habit of doing homework

Homework – the one word which can dampen any child’s spirits when all he/she wants is to have fun. I have heard – ‘oh no’, ‘I don’t get time to play’, ‘I don’t want to do it’ and many more expressions from children of all age groups. Homework is just a short work to help one recall what is being taught in the class, such that it is imprinted in one’s memory for a longer period of time. Children never find homework a happy experience, unless it is in the form of drawing, coloring, projects or any kind of creativity work. To encourage written and oral work, here are some tips to help parents develop the art of doing the homework without having to nag them. Create a routine – homework time must be established for every child, such that … Continue reading

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Homework makes studying easier

Homework is given in school as a practice session while at home. This helps to understand the concepts better. All said and done when asked about homework to any child, the first response would be ‘I hate the homework. Don’t know why my teacher gives me so much to do’. There are numerous benefits of doing homework which children do not understand. They seem to find it a time consuming task which only reduces their play time. Teachers have to come up with new ideas to make the task of accepting the homework a positive thought, rather than considering it a burden by the students. Here are some methods which teachers can use make the homework interesting for students. Assign a reasonable amount of homework – Children need to learn, write and also have time to play. Giving them too … Continue reading

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Is homework helping or hurting kids?

Kids all wish they could just run away from the idea of homework. Many a time homework seems to be the stuff of nightmares for kids, having to fit in too many things into their already hectic schedules. It is seen clearly that homework tends to affect different kids differently. Research has indicated that while it does show effects on high and low achievers, in case of average students it has detrimental effects. Teachers think that the remedy to low scores is to load kids with homework. Most of the time it is a stressor and kids end up working continuously to meet deadlines and unable to perform or cope. It is important to have adequate tools for improvement to enable students to cope with their respective issues. Homework is not the universal solution to kids and their problems. Another … Continue reading

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Physics help for students

Every student has certain subjects they dislike or have trouble with. Physics help is a commonly searched topic online and many students find that they simply cannot handle the many different concepts that are dealt with on a daily basis. When you wish to do well in a subject, you will need to resolve to like it and everything associated with it. It is simply not possible to conquer all the problems you have with the subject unless you have managed to overcome any dislike you have for the teacher or the subject first. Often kids experience a lot of trouble trying to learn concepts that they are completely new to. There are plenty of ways to make the subject more interesting and also to ensure that you can achieve your targets with greater ease. Physics help can be obtained … Continue reading

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Home work help can save the day

Many kids struggle with their subjects and also with being able to do their homework. There are often doubts, questions and much more that arise in a child’s mind each day. The idea of giving homework is to encourage kids to practice and revise concepts that were newly learnt. However, sometimes the child may find that the instructions and the teaching did not suffice to give them enough information. Homework help is something every child requires. However children should understand that finding help with homework should not mean that they apply no efforts whatsoever and end up with no learning acquired. When looking to ask a tutor or using online services in gaining help with assignments, make sure you do not simply copy the world but clarify and understand the concepts used in arriving at the solution. There are many … Continue reading

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Tips to work on an impressive assignment

The education system is continually evolving and so is its means of testing and evaluation. Students who are part of a CBSE syllabus and are trying to get good academic grades now have to bear in mind that internal assessment counts just as much if not more. Therefore performing well on the assignments and being able to secure good scores and grades is very vital. When you want to deliver the best assignment to your teacher, you have to pay attention. Most often the assignment is based on what was discussed in class. Therefore keep your eyes and ears open always. Another vital element to consider when working on an assignment is to make sure that you understand what is expected to be covered under the topic. Most often the topic would be quite a vast one and the important … Continue reading

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