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Know about Food Adulteration

Corruption in any form can affect innocent unsuspecting lives and cause disruption. One of the most lethal and worst kinds of corruption is when the food we eat is corrupted by the addition of chemicals which have no place in food. This kind of criminal activity where chemicals or other spurious ingredients are added to food simply to fool consumers is known as food adulteration. Imagine alum, chalk and bone ash added to white bread to increase its whiteness. This and other serious forms of food adulteration were extremely widespread in the Victorian era where awareness and lack of laws caused a lot of heartache among innocent consumers. Friederich Accum, a chemist, was the pioneer in raising awareness about this serious issue. His book “A Treatise on Adulterations of Food and Culinary Poisons” published in the 1800s became a bestseller. … Continue reading

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