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7 Most Salient Study Tips- at a Glance

Students get stuck while completing the syllabus and it is quite common for all, but the main thing is that handling each situation by adopting the right measures. Some students feel anxious and some others lose their interest in learning. Some of them are finding the right ways to get a valuable exam preparation. However, the constructive study tips are the solutions of all learning problems. Without a study plan, if a student just reads the chapters; then it becomes monotonous and it does not lead to success in the tests. Therefore, students must follow a learning schedule and handle their exam stress to put their best in studies. Here, 7 most imperative as well as easy to follow study tips are discussed, along with their positive aspects. Students tend to forget the learned topics, especially before appearing in the … Continue reading

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Increase confidence during exam

Exams give away a fear that hampers a student’s confidence. I find many students complaining of losing their confidence just a few days before the exams and wanting to know of ways to get their confidence up and running again. Regaining the lost confidence is possible by introducing a couple of changes in your study. Here are some changes that can help you build your confidence and score better during the exams. Practice previous years’ question papers – yes, taking a look at the question papers of past years and working on them can help you understand the pattern that is being followed. Also, one can know the frequently asked questions from certain topics, making them important in your study schedule. For example: In science, one knows that by default the diagram of a flower, heart or kidney is commonly … Continue reading

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Last minute exam prep tips

Exams are a means to judge ones’ understanding of the concepts that is being learnt over a period of time. This is also a time when students are more anxious about the various elements that surround the exams – topics to be covered, revision to be completed, previous years’ papers to be looked at etc. For many, last minute study works, while for a few others the last minute study schedule only causes anxiety. Students must start well ahead of time, but with time flying fast, it is of no use to look back on the lost time. Here are some tips to help prepare well in the last minute of exams. Relax – your body requires twice as much rest for last minute prep. It is therefore important that you have sufficient rest before even thinking about your studies … Continue reading

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Being confident during exams

Exam time is a time which is filled with butterflies in the tummy, feeling nervous about your preparation and anxious to see the exam paper. Even though we put in hard work, there is always that little hesitation when we go to the exam hall. Students must be confident in their studies at the time of the exam; else all that is studied and learnt will be temporarily erased from the brain, leading to low scores. Confidence comes by preparing well. Many people advocate studying the chapters covered on the same day, to reduce the pressure on the brain to assimilate all the information at one time, their motto being ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. This does work well. Being confident cannot happen overnight. It requires constant hard work and efforts which can drive you towards being confident. Here … Continue reading

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Exam study tips for various learning styles

Exams are round the corner and everyone is rushing pillar to post to complete studies followed by revision. Many students rush only at the last minute to prepare for their exams, which is usually the time to relax and revise. Revision is a process of keeping the important points of a concept in the forefront of our brain, so as to be able to retrieve them easily during the exam. We are all aware that every person learns in a different way. Learning styles can be divided into 4 groups – visual, auditory, active and combined learners. Since not all tips can suit every learning style, it is important to come up with tips and suggestions which can help students in each group. Here are some last minute revision tips to help you gear up for the upcoming exams. Visual … Continue reading

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Things you have to get done before exams

Exams are a time that many do not look forward to for a number of reasons. These seem to be an occasion for torture to most students plus the kind of questions they ask feel like they have been designed for the express purpose of making us realise how much we do not know. I decided to do away with this tension and anticipation and change how I felt about my exams, here’s some steps that helped me do it: Keeping all the papers, pens and particulars in place a night before is mandatory. Unless you do so, it would make things a mess trying to run and gather everything at the last minute. Understand that examinations are not reasons to panic but an opportunity to test your memory and understanding of certain topics. Cover as much as you can … Continue reading

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