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Learn about Sibling Abuse

A domestic abuse that occurs between two siblings is known as Sibling Abuse.  This abuse can either be physical, emotional or mental. In most of the cases, it is seen that the abuse arises between an elder sibling who is much elder, stronger and bigger when compared to the younger sibling who often becomes a vulnerable victim. “Sibling abuse” is a term that generally means the abuse that arises between children. But in exceptional cases certain abusive acts done by the adult sibling can also be considered in the same category. In most of the cases parents fail to maintain an effective oversight of the children and leads to the existence of sibling abuse among the children. Domestic abuse is considered to be physical that creates an apprehension in the mind of the other that he/ she may be subjected … Continue reading

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Are you aware of Didaskaleinophobia?

A condition characterized by a great fear for school is known as Didaskaleinophobia. Separation Anxiety is the common name used to describe this condition in most of the cases.  Many doctors argue that separation anxiety stems out of a fear of getting separated from the parents along with the fear of attending the school. These doctors often opine that the Didaskaleinophobia is a kind of separation anxiety. It is believed that this phobia is closely associated with the children within the age group of 12; it has the tendency of affecting the children and the teens simultaneously and may even continue into adulthood in exceptional cases.  Most of the children have an apprehension that something wrong is going to happen to them in the school. Others are scared that something is likely to happen to their loved ones and parents … Continue reading

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Tips for teaching Phonics to children

The technique that helps us in understand the blend of alphabets and their sounds to form the words is known as Phonics. When these tiny tots are exposed to the sounds of the words made by the adults on a repetitive basis, they tend to learn the sounds of the words. Once they learn to imitate the sounds of the words, they learn to associate the words with their respective sounds. This is the reason one can find that children first speak “mama” ,”dada” as they hear them from their parents most of the times. Once the children tend to pronounce and understand the alphabets, it means that they are ready to begin their learning process and absorb information. This is the reason that children learn most when you talk or read to them. Tips for teaching Phonics to children: … Continue reading

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Causes leading to malnutrition in children

Several internal and external factors result in causing malnutrition in children. The essential amount of vitamins, minerals and the nutrients are extremely necessary for a balanced diet. A failure to comply with this guideline can cause malnutrition in children. There have been cases where a disease prevents the body from absorbing the essential nutrients thus leading to malnutrition. In other cases children stay malnourished due to dearth of food. Malnutrition can cause various health hazards like celiac disease and lactose intolerance. Children suffering from the celiac disease cannot consume gluten (a protein found in wheat and other grains). Due to the existence of the disease, the gluten is attacked by the immune system thus causing a grave damage to some vital parts in the body like the intestines, preventing the absorption of the food by them. The main signs of … Continue reading

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Different kinds of Child Abduction

Abduction refers to illegal enticement of a person by interfering with his/ her relationships, for instance: illegally carrying a child away from his parents. There are different kinds of child abduction that include Kidnapping by a stranger, familial abduction, acquaintance abduction and a few rare kinds of abductions. A few reported cases reveal that children are abducted for forcing them into child trafficking, slavery, military service and for sex work. The most feared child abduction is the abduction by a stranger for ransom and other purposes. Strangers can abduct children for various reasons like raising the abducted child as his/ her own. This method of abduction poses the children abducted to undergo various physical and mental traumas, sexual assault or may die. This is the rarest form of abduction amounting to a very serious crime. The most common kind of … Continue reading

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Let us learn about the Only Child Syndrome

Granville Stanley Hall was a psychologist who came up with the theory of Only Child Syndrome in the year 1896. This theory was based on the notion that a child with no siblings can grow into a maladjusted adult and can have problems in his/ her relationships and social functionality. This may result in the child isolating oneself from the society due to the feeling of superiority.  Hall believed that only children were likely to turn into complacent, eccentric and unpopular adults in comparison to the children who grew up with their siblings. Various other experts believe that only children should not be considered as unfortunate or disadvantageous. These children develop close relations with the parents and this can lay a strong foundation in the child’s success preventing them from being maladjusted adults. It has been pointed out by the … Continue reading

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