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Theatre and Performance Studies – Career Choice/Career Path

The CBSE board which is envisioning a more holistic form of education which involves nurturing a student’s whole being has decided to introduce theatre studies as an elective option from the academic year 2014-15 for class 11 and class 12 students.  Students in class 10 can look forward to a very dynamic and creative course, theatre studies, in addition to the usual academic subjects.  Theatre studies can be chosen by students in order to help them become more expressive, articulate and to understand the human condition.  Students will be able to get a broader perspective and understanding of the different conditions and situations that human beings can find themselves in.  In addition to this, students can also look at theatre and performance studies as a career choice/career path after completing high school.  Let us discuss theatre and performance studies in … Continue reading

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Career opportunities in the science streams

It’s that time of the year when students are busy exploring the various study streams and career opportunities associated with them. Every stream of education has a number of career opportunities for those who are willing to broaden their horizon and look at some of the unique available areas of work. Here are some career opportunities which students can explore: 1. Meteorologist – We are all aware that the weather and the climate have a great impact on all our lives. We get to hear about the weather information in the various new channels and also get to read about them in the newspaper.  Have you ever wondered as to who collects all this info and makes it available for us? It’s a meteorologist. A meteorologist collects information about atmospheric conditions and analyzes the data available. Some  of the areas … Continue reading

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Bioinformatics as a career choice

Everyone seems to be running around looking for career choices and interesting and more demanding than the other. With the new generation ready to explore and enjoy, there are new career options coming up every day. Of the lesser known and confused career choices, bio-informatics is one. Let us understand a little about this field of work and remove all the confusions. Bio-informatics is an upcoming area of work that can interest many. Drug discovery, gene finding, DNA sequencing, preventive medicine, helping grow crops etc are some places and areas of research where we can see the use of bio-informatics. Man has always been fascinated by life and has been eager to break open the code of life. Integrating technology with biology is just one part of the exploration, which can help us reveal the secret. It is not only … Continue reading

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Career scope of biotechnology

Biotechnology is an upcoming popular career option for many students. It is one of the rapidly growing areas of science that is catching up with youngsters of today. Biotechnology is the use of the 2 most important areas of science – biology and technology. Integrating these two areas is beneficial in many areas of medicine, agriculture and allied industries and chemical industries. Planning, production and management are some of the areas in which biotechnologists can be employed. Since biotechnology is a vast field, there are many opportunities that are available for students in this stream. Some of areas in which students can work are given below. Gene therapy – identifying the various genes in all living beings and helping solve the various problems which are associated with it. For example: Diabetes, sickle cell disease, down syndrome etc. Enzyme engineering and … Continue reading

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Career training to face the real world

Schools are the formative arena for students. It is important to make sure that school kids are given the proper career education and skills during these years in order to make them competent to handle the real world and real jobs. Most of the time learning from the books is something many are adept at. This does not always translate into performing at a real job just as effective. The idea of a career path and a fixed job to take up occurs much later. Career planning and orientation can begin during the school years. It is important and hence it should be integrated into the school life of the students so as to allow them to learn and become acquainted with newer ideas and thoughts. Vocational training was not hugely important in our curriculum; however the CBSE board has … Continue reading

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