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Importance of Career Counseling

When most students enter class 10 or even before that, the most popular careers that are well-talked about and sought after are the medical and engineering professions.   Earlier, girl children, who if at all they were encouraged to study, were encouraged to take up medicine or teaching.  This now has changed drastically, and girl students who are encouraged to pursue a career by parents, etc., are also encouraged to study engineering, especially software programming.  Of course, the medical and engineering professions can be fulfilling, but most of all, from a practical point of view, students are guaranteed that they will have a good career and renumeration.  However, nowadays, there are so many other careers, besides medicine and engineering, which students can pursue with confidence and passion and also ensure that they are adequately compensated.  Besides that, they can also … Continue reading

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Importance of Career Counseling in Schools in India

Career counseling sessions are important for empowering students.  It helps them make wise and smart choices regarding their future career paths.   Besides medicine and engineering, there are myriads of other career opportunities which students can explore if they were well informed about the same.  Many students are unfortunately unaware about various other nice career options that they can consider.  If a student is good in music and is interested in pursuing a career in music, career counseling can help them look at various possibilities through which they can be empowered in pursuing a career in music.  Many factors such as the right and quality courses, mentors, scholarships and future monetary compensations need to be looked into.  This will help students navigate a career path in an effective manner.  Career counseling can help students look at career options taking into account … Continue reading

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Career opportunities in the science streams

It’s that time of the year when students are busy exploring the various study streams and career opportunities associated with them. Every stream of education has a number of career opportunities for those who are willing to broaden their horizon and look at some of the unique available areas of work. Here are some career opportunities which students can explore: 1. Meteorologist – We are all aware that the weather and the climate have a great impact on all our lives. We get to hear about the weather information in the various new channels and also get to read about them in the newspaper.  Have you ever wondered as to who collects all this info and makes it available for us? It’s a meteorologist. A meteorologist collects information about atmospheric conditions and analyzes the data available. Some  of the areas … Continue reading

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Bioinformatics as a career choice

Everyone seems to be running around looking for career choices and interesting and more demanding than the other. With the new generation ready to explore and enjoy, there are new career options coming up every day. Of the lesser known and confused career choices, bio-informatics is one. Let us understand a little about this field of work and remove all the confusions. Bio-informatics is an upcoming area of work that can interest many. Drug discovery, gene finding, DNA sequencing, preventive medicine, helping grow crops etc are some places and areas of research where we can see the use of bio-informatics. Man has always been fascinated by life and has been eager to break open the code of life. Integrating technology with biology is just one part of the exploration, which can help us reveal the secret. It is not only … Continue reading

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Career counseling – for school students

“What do you want to be when you grow up” – isn’t this a very common question posed to many of us when we were kids. Being kids, we had lots of ideas and dreams. While one wanted to be a pilot, another wanted to build houses, yet another wanted to fight for his/her motherland. This then changed when we grew up. Depending on how well we studied and scored, our career options were decided. For the most studious it was professional courses, for the not so good it was commerce and for the academically weak it was arts stream. This mindset has changed with many new interesting career options being available to one and all. Career counseling starts from high school when a student enters class 9/10. Here are some of the benefits for students who are counseled in … Continue reading

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Career counseling and career choices

Students no matter which part of the world they are from have interests, likes and dislikes that continually evolve over the years. For a student, to make a choice about what they want to do for the rest of their lives can seem difficult. There are so many things to consider but very often they are confused and misguided. Career counseling can help open up new lines of thought and also enable a student to make the right choices but is a complex process. There are many ways in which to arrive at a decision about your career. You have to consider a number of variables before figuring out what will work best for you. There should be interest in the matter, ability to perform and also challenges that will make you bring out new ideas to the work. Most … Continue reading

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