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Importance of Determination and Perseverance for Academic Success

Determination and perseverance are one of the main qualities required to succeed in any endeavor including academics. The following is an inspirational quote by Thomas Alva Edison which exemplifies the importance of determination and perseverance. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time.” Another inspirational quote by none other than Albert Einstein on the importance of determination and perseverance is as follows: “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Students who do well in a particular subject may have persevered longer when dealing with more complex problems and concepts.  In the secondary and senior secondary level, academic rigor is instilled and determination and perseverance are qualities which will help students excel in their academics.  In subjects like mathematics, it is important … Continue reading

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Continuing education

Children of the new generation seem to have a question for every step in their education process. Many children ask the question “is it necessary to study after high school”. Surprising as it may sound, it’s true. Children these days do not know what to do or why they should study after their high school. This is lack of focus. Lack of focus attributed here can be a result of too much competition, pressure in studies, the fight between heart and the mind in deciding one’s career, not knowing the importance of money, stress and many career avenues opening up.  Children find it difficult to make up their mind and stick to it. They seem to be intrigued by any new career avenue which comes into the limelight. So, what can be done to help them focus on a particular … Continue reading

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Learn about the Factors contributing to Academic success in children

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Study skills for academic success

Study skills are important for any and every students learning. There are very good techniques that will help a child to learn more effectively and also perform better in academics. Depending on what sort of times you are comfortable with, what your learning style is like and much more you can learn and practice study skills that are ideally suited to you. When you wish to study effectively and score more, you will need to pay attention to details. It is not just enough to spend hours on your subjects. You have to find ways to make the subject interesting and also easier to remember and recall. Make your own mnemonics in order to remember information better. This will help you to learn more effectively. Avoid being distracted in the classroom. You should be able to focus on what is … Continue reading

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Test help for students

Kids always have certain subjects they simply excel at and certain other subjects that they find extremely difficult to work on. Getting help is something that is important when you are learning a new subject. If it is one that you dislike then you should definitely begin with that and get it out of the way. Getting test help is not as difficult as it once was and there are multiple resources students can access. Most kids think of actually looking for help with their tests mostly a night before the big day. They begin to think of all that is not done, every chapter they have not covered and wonder how on earth they can find solutions to it. If you are unable to work on a subject or feel like it is overwhelming, consider getting help from your … Continue reading

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Strategies to improve learning

Learning is a lifelong process but at no stage is it more important than the school years. With the numerous distractions around them students find it increasingly difficult to cope with and understand classes and the content being taught. A lot of research has gone into investigating better methods that can be implemented to increase learning and achievement in students. Let’s consider some of them: 1. Posing and answering deep- level questions: This manner of learning has strong evidence from research suggesting that it improves and increases the child’s understanding of various subjects. Deep-level questions asked by the teacher or the student themselves during learning prompts them to think differently about a matter. 2. Quizzes and impromptu tests: Learning occurs when there is recall and testing measures the levels of learning. Having simple quiz tests or other assignments in the … Continue reading

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