Tackle your subjects and improve grades

Grades are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of a student’s life. As a student I would always feel like I could do exceptionally well on subjects I like and those I did not like would invariably be ones with poor scores and eventually my entire performance would get affected. That is when I realized that I need to buck up and improve my grades or face being at the bottom of class.

To begin the path to academic success and better grades at subjects I did not like, I had to overcome my dislike for the subject. It was more to do with the teacher than the subject was a fact I arrived at when I did some thinking. The challenge lay in proving that teacher wrong about her evaluation of me and approaching things this way changed my perspective. This was how I began to do well in Math, a subject that until then I had dreaded working on.

Another problem I frequently faced was trying to cram too many difficult ideas at once in the end. I realized I had been pushing the more difficult sections of my portions to later until at last it would turn a mountain out of a molehill! I resolved to tackle the complex and difficult issues and topics at the beginning and work my way out of things. This made my subjects get easier!

My next nemesis was remembering the many terms and elements in biology and chemistry. The best answer I found to both these problems was to use memory tricks and techniques. Improving memory I learnt is a lifelong process. It’s about focus, attention, preparation and application of the mind. I began to make up rhymes, acronyms and also visualizing as I was learning. Soon I could recall much better and I continued to improve in performing on my tests.

Learning can be fun, if you want it to be. It gets dreary to read text after text sometimes, so switch to images and animated videos online to make learning an interesting process!

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