Subjects in the science stream

With the Board exams nearing, everyone has only 2 things to think about.

  1. Successfully completing the Board exams with good scores.
  2. Choosing a career stream.

While completing the Board exams successfully is totally based on one’s study skills and determination, choosing a career stream requires a lot of thought and research. To make the decision driving towards choosing a career stream easy, here’s a little information. For anyone who is interested in the science stream, the subjects that will be available are – physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, chemistry, zoology, botany, statistics etc. You will have a combination of any of these subjects in your class 11 and 12, which will act as a base for your future choices.

Once you choose any of the combinations available, the next phase would come up soon after you complete your class 12. At this stage, you will need to choose a stream of studies which can help you in making your career. There are many subjects that are available for your specialization and a few are given below.

  1. Science – this would be your Bachelor of Science course soon after completing your class 12. This is a 3 year course, in which you can specialize in biotechnology, geology, molecular biology. You can also study to become a commercial pilot apart from the many other options available.
  2. Medicine – This is a 5 year course offered to students who have completed their Class 12 in the science stream. There are many areas of specialization that one can take up in this field. Ayurveda, homeopathy, general physician, neuroscience, dentistry, ophthalmologist, physiotherapy, psychiatry, veterinary science are some of the areas available.
  3. Engineering – This is also a 5 year course offered to students who have completed their Class 12 in the science stream. Aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics, architecture, mechanical and space technology are some of the areas of specialization available.
  4. Computer science and IT – this is the most sought after option for many students, since it is an area of constant change and improvement. Every area of work requires the help of people from the IT industry and as such one can specialize in computer aided design, information security, image processing and development of new softwares etc.

For a student who opts to pursue their studies in medicine, engineering or computer science, there are entrance exams which they will have to successfully clear to seek admission into college which offer the courses. AIEEE, AIPMT, IIT-JEE, NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture), AIIMS entrance exam and CET of the various States are some of the most popular entrance exams in the medicine and engineering streams.

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