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Study Tips * Board Exams * Class 10 to 12 * Digital Technology * Books:

Read and study beyond the textbooks:  An awesome way to study for class 10 and 12 board exams is with the help of digital technology-saved books and information.  Digital technology in the form of tablets, mobiles, laptops and desktops have revolutionized the knowledge and information era.  Digital technology can be truly empowering for students provided that they are discerning, brave, original, humanitarian, egalitarian and sustainable.  Through tablets and apps like Kindle, students can read books by thoughtful and amazing human beings of the past.  Human beings talk to us from the past through amazing musings and thoughtful writings.  Reading good books can help students apply learning in real-life conditions in a brave, decent and original manner.  Also, reading books can help bring about truly joyous and liberating futures.  In the class 10 and 12 board exam scenario, students can read awesome books of topics discussed in the syllabus and discerningly check them after reading the textbooks.   This will help students to develop a true and healthy interest to studies.  Student digital technology tablets and software can empower students to study and pass with flying colours in the board exams.  Nice, joyous, decent, brave and original audiovisual presentations can help students study in a joyous, brave and original way.   Topics can be studied in an easier, joyous, enjoyable, brave, decent and original way with the help of such digital technology audiovisual presentations.  Students can also do some projects as part of the formative assessments.  They can also join like-minded and trustworthy groups in their class to apply learning in real life conditions in a humanitarian, egalitarian, eco-friendly, original, liberating and brave way.  They can also discuss and do projects with any group in the class in an awesome and brave way.  Digital technology books and software can thus help students pass the class 10 and 12 board exams with flying colours and apply their learning in real-life conditions in the future with good principles.


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