Stop procrastinating through better time management

Everyone wants to stop procrastinating and do things on time. Often it is seen that we are walking from one room to another, using your social networking sites, watching random videos or fiddling with your phone every now and then. If you want to be able to do proper time management you should learn not to procrastinate.

The biggest reason why we put off till tomorrow what can be done today is because the work is too difficult. This is because we are trying to do one too many things at once. It is important to understand that it is simply not possible to do everything at one go and hence breaking up activities into smaller modules is essential.

Change of location: Routine and regular surrounding can sap your energy. If you want to feel refreshed or find more enthusiasm, try changing where you study and how you study. Having a calm, well lit and comfortable study space is important but sitting at one desk may seem too boring. You are probably a kinesthetic learner in which case, moving around while learning will work best for you.

Identify what you do wrong: To manage time, you should know how you are spending time. If you are simply doing one too many random activities that are whiling away the hours, you should figure out what is it that you are doing wrong and cut down on that.

Set goals and pair up: You may find it hard to stay of face book and your friend might not be able to stop messaging. Pair up and set a study target and help one another to avoid doing the activities that end up in you wasting time.

Tips to avoid procrastinating are many, at the end of the day it is about a personal resolution to change how you are doing things and start doing it right. The sooner you begin, the better it is.

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