Role of teachers and parents in learning disability

Learning Disability or Learning Disorders (LD) is a very real problem in the country and sensitivity to it has been rising all over India. Learning disability is a very real problem and a stumbling block in schooling and achievement for many kids as it had been ‘non-existent’ and ‘mishandled’ for many years because people were unaware. It is a problem that afflicts over 13-14 percent of Indian population and is not an affliction but a lifelong condition that has to be coped with. With support and training such children have emerged winners and achievers in thei field.

When considering the situation in India, the actual incidence of learning disabilities is still not very clear and the causes also remain a little obscure due to difficulties in assessing, identifying and defining the condition under the existing socio-cultural conditions. In addition to this, the exact causative factors behind learning disorders are also yet to be identified. The more serious concern with learning disability is that it is not a condition with a cure and cannot be fixed. The important thing to do is to find strategies for intervention.
Intervention for learning disabilities when begun at a young age can help a child function as well as any normal child. Teachers and parents are a part of this measure. Some of the steps recommended may be extremely simple while others may be more complex. Psychologists help through various testing procedures determining the severity and designing the steps to aid the student.
The important measures that are to be implemented are in terms of social support through the right environment along with adequate resources and assistance for helping kids overcome their difficulties. Additional challenges come for these kids when it comes to peer relations and social interactions. Creating an understanding atmosphere among peers is also largely a responsibility of the teacher. The need for a policy and proper resources in public schools is yet to be met with.

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