Reducing negative marking in competitive exams

Negative marking is a part of every competitive exam and is a cause for lower scores. Aspirants who appear for the various competitive exams have to take great care in answering their papers in such a way that their negative scores do not affect your total scores.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to reduce the negative marking in the exams.

  1. Before attempting the actual exam, going through the papers of the previous years are helpful. This will give you a brief introduction to the pattern of the paper.
  2. Practice mock tests before the exams to be able to use short cut methods in solving the various problems. This will help you in the actual exam by helping you recall the concepts and the short cut methods, thereby reducing the chances of negative marking.
  3. Make a list of all the important points or formulae, which can serve as a quick reference in the last minute.

While the above 3 points highlight what can be done by the candidate before the exams, given below are a few points that have to be followed while attempting the exam.

  1. Read through the questions carefully. In some sections, it is seen that the answer lies hidden in the questions, which serves as a clue for easy scoring.
  2. Do not hurry on completing the entire section within the stipulated time. This will only result in one making more mistakes.
  3. Answer the questions that you are confident about before attempting the ones’ in which you are doubtful about.
  4. Allocate certain amount of time for a section and do not spend more time in a particular question since all competitive exams are bound by time.
  5. Do not overwrite/erase the answers. This could result in confusion if the answer sheets are corrected by computers, giving rise to more negative marks.

Negative marking is a part of every competitive exam and as such one has to be very careful while attempting the exam and make sure that it is reduced to a minimum.

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