Problems faced by children

A child’s growth involves him/her to come across various challenges as a part of growing up. Parents need to help them deal with the issues making it one of the main objectives of parenting. Every parent tries to keep the child away from any issues/trouble, though it may not be possible always. It is for this reason that a parent must try to identify and understand the various problems faced by the child at every stage of his/her growth and help the child deal with it appropriately.

Here are some commonly seen problems faced by children during their growth.

  1. Bullying – bullying is commonly seen in schools and places of play. Depending on the intensity of bullying, parents must intervene to put a stop to this evil. Teaching a child to identify bullying, react and deal it at their level and also seeking help need to be told to the child.
  2. Peer pressure – this is also often seen in schools. Helping the child identify positive peer pressure and keeping negative peer pressure away helps in an overall development of the child.
  3. Stress – when the child grows up to become a teen, stress makes its way into the child’s life. There are so many things which a teen will need to cope up with, that it becomes difficult to deal with the situation, resulting in stress taking over. Stress can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, physical illness etc. Teaching the teen stress management can help keep the ill effects of stress at bay.
  4. Depression – there are many emotions which we come through and depression is one such negative emotion that needs attention. Symptoms of depression are present for 2 or more weeks and as such parents need to identify them at the earliest to help the child.
  5. Adolescent development – children grow up very fast. Many changes take place in their body and mind and as such children feel conscious of the way they look and feel. Parents must understand that this is a transition from being a child to teen and help them feel good and confident about it, rather than depressed and uncomfortable.
  6. Alcohol and drug abuse – plaguing the young mind and the little world surrounding them is alcohol and drug abuse. Children are very vulnerable to such substances and must be made aware of their negative impact when they are in schools. This will help them become strong in avoid it anytime they are faced with the chance to try them.
  7. Abuse – abuse can be of many kinds – parental neglect, physical and sexual abuse etc. Any harm to the child physically and mentally results in a negative thought and impact on the well-being.
  8. Anorexia – many teens want to have the perfect structure and as such tend to eat less, with a view to get the desired structure. Eating less or skipping meals tend to under nourish the teen resulting in various health problems being faced. Parents must help the child accept him/ her proudly and be happy.

These are a few of the commonly seen issues faced by children, in school, at home or even in the play ground. Preparing the child for any unforeseen situations and issues helps them to cope with the same better.

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