Preparing for a science exam

Science is a subject that can be very intriguing yet at the same time be very perplexing. With so many branches in science – physics, chemistry and biology, students find many reasons for putting away the study of these branches for the last minute. While biology can be easy to understand, physics and chemistry requires the students’ utmost concentration and understanding for better scoring in the same.

Here are some tips to help students succeed in their science exams, especially physics and chemistry.

  1. Since these subjects have lots of formulae to remember, it would be a good idea to concentrate in the class from the very beginning. Keeping it for the last minute is not going to do any good.
  2. Keep a book filled with important notes and formulae. This will help you refresh your mind whenever you need them.
  3. Work on the problems whenever possible. For every formula that you learn, practice with at least 10 different problems. This will make you feel secure after completing a particular topic and also help in better retaining of the concepts and formula in your memory.
  4. Memorizing formulae is not helpful. Instead, try to work out the way in which a formula is derived, which makes it easy for your brain to retain the information.
  5. Make a mental diagram of the pictures if any to help you recall the formula or diagram whenever required.

Physics and chemistry can be made easy if one has an interest in it and is able to understand the concepts well. With a little effort, anyone can succeed in their science exams.

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