Physiotherapy as a career option

Our world is filled with possibilities and opportunities which one just has to choose. With the help of technology, what was once thought as a last resort as a career option, is fast becoming the most sought after choice. One such choice of career option among the new generation is physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can be defined as a treatment for various ailments by way of massage, special exercises etc rather than using drugs as a cure. In this method, one can find that treatment is given by experts for a total recovery. Physiotherapy is most often advocated to people, who have physical pain (knee-joint pain, back pain etc), fracture of some bones etc. These people undergo mild to strenuous exercises to help them relieve their pain and heal the cracked bones.

Physiotherapy has been known to man from the time of Hippocrates – the father of medicine. What started off as a simple massage and has grown over the years to incorporate various exercises aiding people’s recovery. One can find that this career choice to be very interesting and helpful too.

For any student who desires to build a career in this field, opting for science stream with biology would be the apt choice. Most of the colleges that offer physiotherapy as a graduate course have an entrance test that has to be cleared.  Once through in the entrance test, one can join Bachelor of Physiotherapy that spans for a period of 3-1/2 years with a compulsory rotary internship. One can follow up on this course with a Masters in Physiotherapy which is for 2 years.

Career prospects are many. One can find opportunities in government and private sectors. Rehabilitation centers, private clinics, nursing homes and hospitals are the places where one can build their career in. The list of places may be minimal, but there are various departments in which one can find their opportunity. One other area where one can build their opportunity is in the teaching profession. The number of opportunities for physiotherapy is increasing and so are the numbers of colleges offering this course. Students who are interested in teaching can build their career in here as well.

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