Drama – The Bishop’s Candlesticks | Summary and Discussion

  The drama The Bishop’s Candlesticks by Norman McKinnel is an excellent adaptation from a section of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.  It is an excellent drama for students to enact and discuss.  Students can divide themselves into groups of five and take turns playing the characters.  This will help them to get into the skin of the characters and understand better the personalities and situations of each character.  The Bishop’s Candlesticks is a drama in which the characterization is brilliant. The drama reveals the complex dynamics and personalities that can be conditioned and formed in a society with social divisions of class.  The five characters of the play are as follows:  The Bishop, Persome (the Bishop’s sister), Marie, the Convict and the Police Sergeant. The Bishop and his sister Persome are very contrasting personalities.  The Bishop is benevolent and kind … Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Act in Dramas and Form a Drama Club this Summer

An important aspect of helping students improve their life skills and communication skills is to encourage them to act in dramas and skits.   During the long summer holidays, children can be encouraged to join a drama club or even form an informal drama club or group with friends, family and relatives.  This will help them improve their speaking skills, help them get rid of stage fear and also help them to become bold and assertive.  Dramas and skits with quality content can enhance life’s experience.   Children who may have expressed interest in being part of a drama club or forming a drama club can do so during the summer holidays.  Never mind if the child has never acted in a drama or skit.  Sometimes, children will surprise themselves when they start acting and honing their acting and theatrical skills in … Continue reading

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Helping Students Resist Negative Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure? Members of the same social group are known as peers.  Peer pressure is the pressure exerted by a social group on a member or members in order to conform and act in a set manner. Helping Students Resist Negative Peer Pressure Peer pressure is one of the reasons for students to take up harmful habits like cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and drug and substance abuse.  It is thus important for parents and educators to help students resist negative peer pressure.   Peer pressure can also be exerted to bully or rag another student.  Students need to be well-equipped to deal with peer pressure in an assertive and brave manner.  They need to be taught to say “no” to cigarettes, drugs, etc.  Students, especially teenagers or college students, are more vulnerable to fall into the trap … Continue reading

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Harmful Effects of Tobacco need to be portrayed with Powerful Imagery

The harmful effects of tobacco and smoking on health need to be reiterated again and again with powerful imagery and pictorial warnings.  While irresponsible MPs with vested interests make condemnable and outrageous statements regarding tobacco, more and more Indians are dying of cancer and other dreaded diseases as a result of smoking cigarettes and beedis and chewing tobacco.  Impressionable and vulnerable teenagers and youth are also unfortunately picking up this habit. Tobacco contains around 70 known cancer-causing components like tar, carbon monoxide, benzene and ammonia.  This will lead to a lifetime of ill health and reduced lifespan.   Sunita Tomar, a 28-year-old, became one of the latest victims of tobacco use in India and died in the early hours of April 1st of oral cancer.  We need to salute Sunita Tomar for agreeing to be videoed in order to further raise … Continue reading

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Attending Summer Camps – The Latest Trend during Summer Holidays

Attending summer camps has now become an important aspect of children’s summer holidays.  Children will be able to participate in a variety of sports and other extra-curricular activities due to the prevalence of summer camps.  They will also be able to socialize and make new friends.  Earlier, most of the time during summer holidays was spent playing outside with neighborhood children and visiting relatives.  Nowadays, children attend summer camps where they learn and play sports and do all sorts of extra-curricular activities in an organized manner for a fee.  Like any other trend, summer camps have their pros and cons.  Children will be able to learn any extra-curricular activity, for example, playing the guitar, with the help of experts.  This will help them to develop a deep interest in selected extra-curricular activities.  These extra-curricular activities will become an important part … Continue reading

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Importance of Celebrations | Are Celebrations becoming Superficial?

Celebrations are a testimony of the resilience of the human spirit.  Celebrations add color, fun and laughter on a specific day.  Celebrations are a great way of socializing and are a part and parcel of cultural trends.  While celebrating any festival, birthday or any other secular event, it is important to have fun, but at the same time, ensure that people enjoy themselves in a responsible manner.  This includes ensuring that celebrations do not become over-commercialized, being eco-conscious and making eco-conscious choices and avoiding littering.  It also means that people do not celebrate in an ostentatious manner, respect the dignity of fellow human beings and our surroundings and resources.  From simple joys, some celebrations are indeed becoming more and more superficial and over-materialistic.  This has a negative impact on the environment as well as society.   While celebrating, care needs to … Continue reading

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