Student-Centered Learning Strategies

Imagine students learning about work and the formula for work, force times displacement, by making real life-like measurements.  Imagine students making presentations on their findings.  Imagine students carefully considering feedback from the teacher who acts as the facilitator.  Imagine students even discussing about any topic under consideration such as work from a philosophical point of view or writing poems and puns about it.  Learning about a topic from multiple perspectives becomes possible with student-centered learning strategies.  Scientific and humanitarian points of view are considered.  Student-centered learning strategies empower students in the learning process instead of making them passive recipients of information.  Student-centered learning strategies also empower students to learn through the spirit of inquiry instead of blindly accepting instruction without asking any questions.  Student-centered learning strategies also help students apply their learning in real life-like situations.  The following are a … Continue reading

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Will Educational Tablets Replace the Traditional Schoolbag?

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become an important aspect of modern living.  They are easily portable and allow us to access and store large amounts of information.  They also help people to easily connect across distances.  Taking all these developments into consideration, are educational tablets slowly but surely going to replace the traditional schoolbag?  What are the advantages of educational tablets? Advantages of Educational Tablets All educational resources in one place: All educational resources from textbooks to notebooks can be stored in one place.  Exercise sheets, notes, power point presentations, assignments and much more can be stored in a tablet.  Educational tablets can exclusively be used for educational purposes. Inclusion of multimedia content, animations, and video lessons:  Educational tablets can include multimedia content, animations and video lessons.  These can help students understand topics better and learn with greater interest … Continue reading

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Is literature being studied in schools in India just to pass exams?

Passing exams and tests and studying just to pass exams and tests has been the norm across many schools in India for decades together.   Educational reforms have tried to reverse the trend.   However, old habits do die hard.  After reading a prose text, many teachers used to dictate questions and answers which children blindly noted down.   Some students simply memorized these questions and answers without appreciating or understanding the literary piece.   Is literature still being studied in schools in India just to pass exams and tests?  Such trends are changing but need to be completely reversed.  Literature needs to be studied in such a way that students learn to appreciate and critically analyze and discuss what is being communicated through the magic of words.  Students need to be encouraged to come up with their own unique insights about a literary … Continue reading

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Gamification in Education – Is it the future….?

Gamification is one of the latest buzzwords in the educational sphere.  Learning occurs best in a joyful, playful, safe and non-threatening environment.  Can gamification be used to help students learn better?  What is gamifaction in the first place?  Gamification incorporates video game design and other factors used in gaming for education and learning.  Educational software nowadays has gamification as one of its features.  When students think of learning a series of topics as some sort of a game, they tend to concentrate.  They are also able to have better retention of topics.  Otherwise, if they are continuously bombarded with a lot of information in a very dry manner, they may just lose focus and even interest in learning the topic.  Gamification also takes into consideration motivation as an important aspect of what pushes children to learn and increases their confidence. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Educational Puzzles and Games

Playing Sudoku, Scrabble or peering over a jigsaw puzzle can not only add smiles but can also provide ample mental exercise.  Instead of just complacently watching while children watch mindless and sickening programs on TV, etc., you will be helping your child in his or her overall well-being by introducing him to educational puzzles and games.   The latest to join the educational games bandwagon is digital technology.  There are numerous educational games available in digital format.  Educational technology in fact incorporates educational games and puzzles in order to make learning fun and exciting.  All topics from Maths to English can be made more interesting and joyful if games and puzzles are also incorporated.  In this way, children may not even feel like they are studying.  They will in fact be having a lot of fun while learning.  At the same … Continue reading

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Teaching Strategies and Methods – Motivation to Consolidation

Teaching can be very fulfilling at times.  At other times, it can be challenging.  Good teaching strategies and methods can help keep students engrossed.  It adds to the joy of teaching and facilitation by the teacher.   In order to learn any topic, students need to feel motivated.  Without being motivated, students may not have the required interest to be fully present and participate in the learning process.  Good teaching strategies need to take into account motivation as one of the key factors in helping students learn and apply subject matter in a meaningful manner.  Keeping this in mind, let us discuss Five Stages from Motivation to Consolidation as a teaching strategy. Motivation: Motivation is the first stage in an effective teaching strategy.   Motivating and introducing students to learn a particular topic can be with the help of stories, games, plays, … Continue reading

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