Pros and Cons of Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are a major feature of the Indian educational system.  Are there other ways for assessing students for college entrance?  We need to now and then question the status quo in order to bring about a more humane, joyful and sustainable society.  A good way to do this is through debate and discussion.  On this note, let us discuss and consider the pros and cons of competitive exams. Pros and Cons of Competitive Exams Pros of Competitive Exams Helps encourage a spirit of healthy competition for pursuing academic excellence: Competitive exams can encourage a spirit of healthy competition for pursuing academic excellence.  All students, if given the right encouragement and inputs, will be able to compete on an equal footing for a course that they are interested in.  They will be motivated to study various subjects which they need … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Optional Class 10 CBSE Board Exams

The class 10 CBSE Board exams are optional for students for the past several years.  Let us discuss the pros and cons of optional class 10 CBSE Board exams.  It includes the wider question of whether examinations should become optional.  Should other ways of evaluating academic performance and learning be given equal importance and so on? Pros of Optional Class 10 CBSE Board exams    Gives students the freedom to choose based on their unique learning styles: This takes into account the unique learning styles of the student.  Some students learn better and understand topics better when they prepare for board exams.   They become motivated to study in a comprehensive manner as a result of board exam preparation.  On the other hand, there may be some students who may feel stressed out if only board exam results are considered.  These … Continue reading

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Importance of Encouraging Technology and Innovation in Schools

Encouraging technology and innovation in schools is very important.  This will go a long way in ensuring that students are empowered to find innovative solutions to world problems.  In the past and even now, students in India are generally pushed to score high marks, pass entrance exams and join the all-pervasive job market and even a sickening marriage “market”!!  Instead of following the herd mentality, it is important to encourage a conducive environment where technology and innovation is encouraged right from the school level itself.  The five middle school girl students from New Horizon Public School, Bangalore, won the Technovation Challenge 2015.  This demonstrates the importance of encouraging technology and innovation in schools.  In the Technovation Challenge 2015 held in San Francisco, 400 teams from 64 nations participated.  The students designed a dry waste app that provides a common and … Continue reading

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Importance of Career Counseling in Schools in India

Career counseling sessions are important for empowering students.  It helps them make wise and smart choices regarding their future career paths.   Besides medicine and engineering, there are myriads of other career opportunities which students can explore if they were well informed about the same.  Many students are unfortunately unaware about various other nice career options that they can consider.  If a student is good in music and is interested in pursuing a career in music, career counseling can help them look at various possibilities through which they can be empowered in pursuing a career in music.  Many factors such as the right and quality courses, mentors, scholarships and future monetary compensations need to be looked into.  This will help students navigate a career path in an effective manner.  Career counseling can help students look at career options taking into account … Continue reading

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Good Career Choices – What is the Best Career Choice?

What is the definition of a career? A career can be defined as the progress and actions taken throughout a person’s lifetime related to an occupation.  In today’s world, it is seen as an ongoing process of learning and development. Good Career Choices – What is the Best Career Choice? Can we really say that some careers or better than others?  Is there something like the best career choice?  What are the parameters used to define a good career choice?  Isn’t there something like dignity of labor?  Shouldn’t we be respecting any job that is being done by a person because he or she is passionate and sincere about?   Perhaps, he or she is trying to make a meaningful contribution to society in his or her own small way. According to the dynamics involved in today’s modern world, especially in … Continue reading

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Importance of Anti-Bullying Policies and Programs

It is important to have anti-bullying policies and programs in place in schools.  Anti-bullying policies and programs ensure that a school is a place which is secure and safe for the child.  These policies and programs also help ensure that proactive steps are taken in order to ensure that incidents of bullying do not take place in the first place.  An empathetic and joyful environment where children learn to respect and appreciate each other is as important as academic or sporting skills.  Children need to be taught about character and ethics and also about being sensitive to social issues.   This is as important as doing well in academics and scoring marks.  A focus only on academics and sports with no focus on social and character building will only result in a vicious and cut-throat society with rampant corruption.  Anti-bullying programs … Continue reading

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