Action Research in Education

What is action research in education? Action research in education is a process by which teachers and facilitators are involved in actively investigating and finding a solution to a problem which they come across in the course of their practice. Teachers and educators are usually so busy with teaching, facilitation and other activities that they hardly have time to resolve certain problems which may inevitably crop up.  These seemingly pressing problems can be addressed with the help of action research.  In fact, action research can make life easier for teachers in the long run. For example, if some students who were doing well in math are suddenly showing a downward spiral in marks, action research can help address the problem.  Instead of just going with the flow and letting things go out of hand, action research can nip the problem … Continue reading

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Research as a Career | Career as a Researcher

In India, financial security forms the basis of a career along with “status.”  Of course, practical considerations of financial security and freedom are important in the pursuit of a career.  A career in research requires immense passion besides in-depth subject knowledge.  If a student is very honest, passionate and has excellent subject knowledge, a career in research may be very fulfilling.  Students need to be prepared to immerse themselves in in-depth studies and research for years together before they begin to experience some semblance of financial security.   Applying for scholarships and qualifying in entrance exams in reputed research colleges and universities in India and abroad can go a long way in helping fund their research and doing research without the anxiety of financial worries.  However, UGC-NET scholarship funding is minimal compared to lucrative salaries offered by multinational companies.  Sometimes, students … Continue reading

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Short Biography of Hedy Lamarr – An Amazing Inventor

The remarkable life of Hedy Lamarr (November 1914 to January 2000) is remembered in today’s Google Doodle.  Hedy Lamarr started her career as an actress and became a glamorous and famous actress from the 1930s to 1950s.  Hedy was born in Vienna.  Her mother Gertrud was a pianist and her father Emil Kiesler was a bank director.  Hedy underwent training in theater and then entered an acting career in Europe.  Hedy married Friedrich Mandl in 1933 who was a “filthy” rich arms merchant.   Hedy was very unhappy in her first marriage with the domineering and subjugating Friedrich and escaped from him to Paris.  However, during the marriage, Hedy sometimes accompanied Friedrich on business meetings with scientists and military technologists.  This slowly led to her budding interest in applied sciences.  From Paris, Hedy headed to America where she became a famous … Continue reading

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Importance of Fine Arts Education in Schools and Colleges

What is fine art? Fine art is the study of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theatre and dance.  Fine arts help in developing aesthetic, intellectual and emotional sensibilities.  Nowadays, the fine arts also include the study of movies and photography. Importance of Fine Arts Education in Schools and Colleges Fine arts education in schools and colleges helps in ensuring that students have a wholesome learning experience.   Painting, drawing, sculpture and all the fine arts help students to express their innermost thoughts and emotions in creative, brave and imaginative manners.  Through paintings, sculptures and all the fine arts, students can have a deeper understanding of the human experience from time immemorial.  For example, many of Michelangelo’s paintings and sculptures make us ponder about human conditioning forces, sentiments and experiences at that era.  Fine arts can also help students develop a genuine … Continue reading

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Importance of Dance in Education and Life

Dance like music is a wonderful aspect of human resilience and a celebration of life.   People from time immemorial have celebrated life through wonderful group dances.  Nowadays, people may unwind during the weekends and holidays with dance and music.  Students can also learn about Indian classical dances from Bharatanatyam to Kathakali.  There are also numerous world folk and tribal dances that students can learn and dance.  Apart from that, there are of course the numerous Indian film song dances as well as American dance “numbers.”  Of course, people need to be discerning and ensure that the dance songs are not indecent or objectifying.  The most recent popular exercise activity is Zumba.  Zumba combines aspects of dance and aerobics.  Dance like drama can help human beings express their innermost feelings from sorrow to joy.  Moreover, dance like walking is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Importance of Music in Education | Importance of Music in Life

Music and songs are an important aspect of being human.  Music is the wonderful world language that transcends spaces, regions and time.  Music comes from the hearts and minds of human beings.  People may be trapped in terrifying conditions, but it is music that can help them express their innermost feelings and emotions from joy to sorrow with courage and hope.  Songs and music can cheer people up.  Songs and music can also help people express feelings of sorrow or loss in a brave manner.  Just like poetry, songs and music can help people express all sorts of human emotions with wisdom and deep thought.  Music and songs can be a wonderful way to spread messages of justice, love, peace, eco-friendliness, sustainability and humanitarianism. Music and songs need to be an integral aspect of education.  In fact, just like poetry, … Continue reading

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