Importance of Social Science | Why Study Social Science?

Social science was earlier pushed to the margins of all the academic subjects that were studied.  Moreover, it was considered a boring subject with dry details to be remembered.   It still remains so for some students as educational reforms take time to set in.  With education reforms, social science textbooks and the teaching and studying of social science reflect a sea change with real-life examples, case studies and other thoughtful inputs.  With smart interactive boards, many historical events can be studied in an engrossing manner through the effect of multimedia.  Practical projects ensure that students enhance their problem-solving skills when studying topics under social science.  Under this changing scenario, let us discuss the importance of social science. Importance of Social Science | Why Study Social Science? Deepens understanding of the world from social, historical, economic, civil, political and geographic perspectives: … Continue reading

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Child Labor and Bonded Labor – Violation of Human Rights

Child labor and bonded labor which are a violation of human rights have caused immense trauma to its innocent victims.  Child labor and bonded labor which is still prevailing under terrible perverted socioeconomic setups are a form of slavery.  Children and even entire families may be caught in a vicious cycle of being exploited by perverted “landlords” and factory owners.  Kailash Satyarthi, the extraordinary and brave activist, who is formally receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 along with Malala, has rescued more than 80,000 children from the shackles of exploitation and slavery.  He has helped strengthen the movement against child labor and exploitation in developing countries.  He has also helped raise awareness against this terrible violation of basic human rights.  People in developing countries are slowly being sensitized regarding this terrible social evil.  As per the Global Slavery Index, India … Continue reading

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Education of Girl Children | A Basic Human Right

Education of girl children is a basic human right.   It is only in the 21st century that more and more girls are finally beginning to emerge from the shackles of centuries of subjugation.  This is because of the brave and determined efforts of women’s and girl’s right activists.  The majority of the educated women in the world are either first or second generation girl children to receive an education.  In spite of the many hurdles, educated women have gone on to participate and enrich the myriad facets of society and careers.   Malala Yousafzai, who is an extraordinary and brave champion of education of girls, was almost shot to death because she bravely defied the notorious Taliban’s ban on girls’ education and fought for human rights.  The Taliban has the sinister plan of continuing to force girls and women to be confined … Continue reading

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Going Beyond Competition in Education

Competition, though overrated in today’s society, has its plus points.  Healthy competition can help students to fine tune and improve skills.  It can motivate students to excel.  It also brings in an element of fun and excitement.  Unfortunately, competition has over-dominated the educational sphere in both academics and sports.  It need not be the one dominant factor that is used to steer students towards excellence.  Another problem that teachers and students come across during a competitive event is that unhealthy competition can sometimes creep in.  This can result in undue pressure and stress exerted on students through peers, teachers and parents.  Instead of students enjoying the learning process, their main focus may only be on winning events.  This can sometimes be based on certain narrowly defined preset rules.   Innovation, problem-solving, creative thinking and collaboration can become diluted as a result … Continue reading

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Self-Paced and Collaborative Learning better than Competitive Learning

Competition and a rat race society have usurped the modern world.  In the domain of education and learning, competition was deeply ingrained.  Earlier, ranking students according to how well they performed in rote-based examinations was widely practiced.  This was an offshoot of the “well-oiled” labor market “machinery.” There is now a slow movement towards self-paced and collaborative learning.   Developing countries like India are only now slowly emerging from the onslaught of narrow and stifling imperialistic designs.  Due to the efforts of passionate and well-meaning educational reformers worldwide, educational institutions are slowly taking into account the importance of self-paced and collaborative learning.  Grading has now replaced ranking.  However, all educational reforms can only be effective if implementation is done in a careful and well-thought out manner.  On this note, let us discuss competitive learning versus self-paced and collaborative learning. Self-Paced and … Continue reading

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