Nurturing talent in children

Every person is special in their own way. Everyone has a talent which makes them unique. Finding and nurturing a talent is important and parents are the key people to be identifying the child’s talent. For a parent, it is a matter of joy and pride to see their children bloom in their talents. It gives them immense pleasure to see their children successful. After identifying the child’s talent, steps can be taken to nurture and polish the talent of the child. Let us take a look at some of the ways to spot a talent in a child.

  1. Performing exceptionally well in a subject or activity, indicates that the child has a inherent quality to out-perform others. This is the first sign in identifying the child’s talent.
  2. Children learn a lot from their surroundings and also media. A particular sport/activity might interest your child, because of which he/she might ask you more information about it. This could be something which your child wants to do. This could be a talent which the child can be nurtured on.
  3. Teachers too can help in identifying the child’s talent. Children spend most of their time in schools and as such there are many areas which only a teacher can identify.
  4. If the child is interested in something, then you will find that there are many questions which are being asked. This shows their hidden interest in the subject and you could nurture it by providing all the possible information which the child seeks.
  5. Sometimes, it so happens that a child’s curiosity is sparked by what the parents do. You can always nurture this to build on the child’s talent.

Whatever be the talent of the child, an eye to identify and a interest to develop must be there. These days, I find that many parents take active part in helping the child develop his/her talent. There are also many opportunities available for children which encourage them to showcase their talents.

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