Mother’s Day – A time to Embrace Your Mom with Same Affection

Mother, the inspiration behind each aspiration, a person with full of kindness and spirit who always takes initiatives to do better for her kids. Mother, the synonyms of ‘Amma’ or ‘Maa’ the first word that a child speaks after his birth and gets her hand, for the first time. After living in the mother’s womb for long 9 months, the baby gets birth and hence, it is always a special bond between a mother and a child. An inseparable connection which is well-acknowledged, honored and celebrated. It is a special bond of sharing, caring and protecting which is regarded lifelong. However, Mother’s day is a day to cherish this special relationship with adoration, respect, warmth and affection and this is the time to give back to the same attachment and love to her that she showed throughout her life by staying awake in many nights.

Mom, the most important person in our life, who always stands by her kids and shows the light towards the right directions. A mom, a person in the family, who does all her work without thinking anything in return and gives support at every stage in our life. It is said that without a father a kid can be grown up well, but the place of a mother cannot be fulfilled by anyone. Therefore, the mother’s support and touch, in brief, the presence is indispensable for kids.


Mother’s day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year and it is a time to appreciate the motherhood and the special connection between two relations-mother and child. It is a time when all mothers in the society are regarded and respected due to their immense contribution towards establishing their sons and daughters. However, this special day dates back to 20th century, when it was started in the United States. In different parts of the world, other festivals are observed and among them the Roman festival of Hilaria (where Cybele, the mother goddess was honored) and the Greek festivals where maternal goddesses are regarded are quite prominent. Later, Mother’s Day celebration was started by following these older traditions.


This day was first celebrated in 1908 in West Virginia and the International Mother’s Day shrine is still there in the St Andrew’s Methodist Church. However, the celebration of this day is initiated by Anna Jarvis, a peace activist who put her effort to make this day recognized after her mother’s dead. In other countries, this day was celebrated on different dates. In the Arab countries, Mother’s day is observed on 21st of March, the spring equinox, whereas in Ireland and UK, this day is noticeably marked on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Celebrate this Mother’s day with your mom and mother figures and choose the right gifts for them and make their day memorable. Make her feel special and fortunate to have the kid like you.

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