MCQ’s – the best way to complete them

There are many competitive exams which students take up in their lifetime. Competitive exams are mostly multiple choice questions, which have a set time and choice of answers. A student is anxious to finish his/her MCQs and in the hurry might make mistakes which can result in low grades/scores. The answers in the MCQs are usually confusing and can get the students to think twice before choosing on an answer. This will land up the student spending more time in a single section, thereby losing out on precious time in the competitive exams.

Every student must have his/her own strategy in place while attempting an MCQ to prevent mistakes and loss of time. Here are some strategies which can be helpful for a student.

  1. Manage time – everyone talks about managing time effectively in order to successfully complete the exam. The question is how to effectively manage time? Divide the number of questions with the time that you have in hand. This will give you time for each question and also you will become conscious and not spend much time on a single question.
  2. Read the question carefully – go through the questions carefully, without hurrying. Only when you are clear with the question will you be able to get the answers correct.
  3. Eliminate the wrong answers – after reading the questions carefully, it’s time to take a look at the answers given. Start eliminating the incorrect answers one by one and choose the closest option. This way you will not need to spend more time on a single question.
  4. Look for certainty words – there will be questions with absolute certainty which requires equally certain answers. Look out for them and then answer the questions. This is a clue to choosing the right answer.
  5. Do not second guess – MCQs have answers which are very closely different from each other. When you have chosen an answer, stick to it. Do not go guessing for the second time. This will only spoil your chances of choosing the correct answer.
  6. Compare questions and answers – this technique helps for fill in the blanks. Read the question with every option and you will be able to identify the correct answer. For example: the bird has ____ in the nest. Options: 1) Chicks 2) Cubs 3) tadpoles 4) children. Repeat the sentence while filling them with each option and you will be able to get to the correct answer.
  7. Read all the options carefully – every question in an MCQ will have an answer which will be either the correct one or something very close to the correct answer. Reading through the available options carefully will give an idea as to the correct answer, which can then be chosen.

MCQs sound easy to deal with in a competitive exam, but is not so. The answers can be answered correctly only when the student has complete knowledge of the topic in question. One cannot do “inky pinky ponki” and choose an answer.

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