Make classroom learning a fun experience

Learning can be a long and arduous process or an enjoyable experience with many bumpy roads. The important thing to do is to focus on trying to make classroom learning and teaching enjoyable for the students. No matter which syllabus is followed- CBSE, State board or international, students have a universal reaction to classroom lectures- limited attention span. The important thing to do is to find activities and improvise on making the experience f.

One experience I still remember distinctly from my school years was from grade 8. We had a quick decision in French class while learning about countries and customs to bring to the classroom a number of different food items, customs and clothing in as creative means as it is possible. Students came wearing kimono’s, burqa’s and dhotis representing various countries all over the world. Whether it was snacks like French fries and boiled vegetables or elaborate meals like biriyani and kebabs, the experience was simply one of a kind. There were French pastries, Chinese vegetables, Indian curries, Pakistani Biriyani and lots more. Since that day we have not gotten our countries and capitals or countries and currencies wrong!

Learning can be made absolutely fun and easy using simple techniques and tools. You could have a number of ideas on but you have to take into account learning styles of students many a time. Often students respond to a number of interesting stimuli that engage the senses and making use of e-learning resources is extremely important. A good way to conduct the monotony of an English grammar class would be to encourage students to come up with a radio show concept with ten minutes of being on air being done by two “RJ’s” in between your regular English hour once a week.

Teachers have to be on their toes with interesting and motivating ways to make learning a more complete experience. Teaching and learning are processes that take from each other and to effectively make an impact, teachers and students have to learn from one another to make the classroom atmosphere more effective!

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