Learn about Sibling Abuse

A domestic abuse that occurs between two siblings is known as Sibling Abuse.  This abuse can either be physical, emotional or mental. In most of the cases, it is seen that the abuse arises between an elder sibling who is much elder, stronger and bigger when compared to the younger sibling who often becomes a vulnerable victim. “Sibling abuse” is a term that generally means the abuse that arises between children. But in exceptional cases certain abusive acts done by the adult sibling can also be considered in the same category. In most of the cases parents fail to maintain an effective oversight of the children and leads to the existence of sibling abuse among the children.

Domestic abuse is considered to be physical that creates an apprehension in the mind of the other that he/ she may be subjected to any physical harm or sexual harassment through coercion. Sibling abuse is a part of domestic abuse that can be traced through such violent circumstances. In such case most of the parents fail to understand the dangers associated with this abuse and often misinterpret it to be playful activities carried out by the kids or “roughhousing”. Sometimes even the parents are inclined towards a specific child and this is the reason they refrain from paying attention to the issue of sibling abuse.

Sibling rivalry can be differentiated from sibling abuse by considering a few signs.  If you come across a child who constantly feels to avoid the other sibling and is concerned about the aggressive behavior of the sibling, then there are chances that the other child is a victim of sibling abuse caused by the other sibling. In few instances when one sibling is sexually abused, the victim sibling is likely to project an inappropriate sexual act or mannerism.

In certain cases, it is seen that abusive sibling relationship may be the result of various environmental factors. For instance: frequent comparisons between the siblings by the parents or parents favoring a particular child to the other. If the parents show violent behavior towards the children, then the children also tend to display a violent behavior towards others and the people who are close to them.

The best and the effective way of preventing sibling abuse is and this is the proper oversight of the parents on the children. It is the duty of the parents to discourage violent behavior of the siblings towards each other. Parents can always play a key role in preventing sibling abuse and also reducing the risk of occurrence of one.

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