Info about ISEET

IIT-JEE happens to be one of the most desirously attempted exams by many students. Dreams and desires are packed together to compete in the exam helping one gain admissions in any one of the prestigious IITs of our country. This coveted exam will be replaced by an exam known as ISEET – Science Engineering Entrance Test, covering the groups of students attempting for IIT-JEE. This will be the only exam that students aspiring to get into the engineering field will have to take up. No more of separate prep for AIEEE and IIT-JEE, it’s all going to be one single exam, making lives of many students much easier.

ISEET is all set to change the lives of many students by making it easy to prepare for entrance exams. Since ISEET clubs two major entrance exams (IIT-JEE and AIEEE) we can expect about 15L students appearing in 2013. This exam is going to be managed and conducted by CBSE. Over time, our government plans on putting an end to all the engineering entrance exams conducted by individual states to make it easy on the children.

The next question is – what forms a part of this test? ISEET has 2 parts

ü  ISEET Main –It is for duration of 3 hours comprising of reading comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning to test the student’s abilities. 30% of the total scores are taken into consideration.

ü  ISEET Advanced – This is also for duration of 3 hours comprises of Problem Solving Ability in Basic Science Subjects. Weightage considered in this section is 30%.

You would be wondering what happens to the remaining 40%. This 40% is taken from your academic records of Class 12 or equivalent. Based all the three scores, a final score is arrived at, which will then be used for awarding admissions in the various colleges.

The various other colleges which accept AIEEE scores will decide on the weightage that they would like to give for the academic scores and base their admissions on it. For all those who are going to give the exams next year, just relax and log in to our website from time to time to find out more tips, suggestions and other information regarding ISEET exams. Happy reading.

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