Finding the right e-learning resources for your class

Today we are flooded with a large number of websites and e-learning resources and often find it difficult to just select one or pin-point a single resource to use. It is important to be able to use discretion in choosing the right ones and also those that are potentially more reliable.

When looking for e-learning resources, make sure you spend enough time looking at multiple sources. Compare and contrast what is available and check which ones match more closely to your syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE or State Board.)

Another important thing to do is to look at the prices on the various e- learning content available. Some of them may be highly overpriced and offer content that is not really up to the mark. Make it a point to discuss it with your friends, parents and teachers before making a final decision on a product.

Look at customer feedback. When you consider testimonials of users and teachers, you can find out the real deal about a product. It may be that it is actually quite popular or else made to appear popular using clever marketing tricks. Check the testimonials, awards and reviews on multiple websites and also with multiple people.

Interact with the personnel. Make sure you talk to the people who are trying to market the product and also get them to show you a demo of it. This way you can have a firsthand experience of the product and how it works. This will help you make better choices and get your money’s worth each time.

Look at the features and specifications. Ascertain that you are not being offered a product that is simply way too sophisticated or requires use of a lot of tools and additional support that you may not have any knowledge of.

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