Exercise your brains for upcoming CBSE exams

Education is continually evolving, perhaps one of the more positive changes have been in recent years with a lot of focus being on the impact of study skills and brain research to improve learning. CBSE exams 2010 have been changed to accommodate the global education scenario with the new grading system in place. The new focus is on creative and complete development of the students preparing them for the job market. In order to excel in the real world, students need more than marks. It’s about having the right resources and sharpening your skills to create the right impressions.

We have incredibly good memory when it comes to the rhymes and stories we learnt in kindergarten but may falter at recalling a poem we learnt in class 5 or 6. This is because, during the early years teachers use a number of sensory stimuli to engage the student’s mind. There are images, actions, colors and more making it easier to retain the information. Try learning your lessons with a catchy tune, it will really get easier to recall for your exams. Music seems to be the back door to harnessing the details in your memory. On a lighter note, next time your parents tell you to put away the CD’s before an exam, you have scientific proof why it’s good for your CBSE exams.

Take short breaks between your learning. When preparing for your CBSE exams, you need to relax and let the learning process be as smooth as possible. Staying up all night and trying to cram too much in a night with very little sleep and high doses of caffeine can actually make it worse for your productivity during exams. Getting proper sleep is absolutely important for your mind to be able to work at its best.

There are of course clear lines to be drawn when working on improving your memory skills and parenting and teaching can only do so much. For example recent research has shown a small electric current can improve math performance for months, which does not call for student’s undergoing electrocution to learn better. Find your comfortable zone and best techniques for learning and get your performance to improve with simple, effective study skills and techniques.

On a lighter note:

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