Exam Stress- Needs to be Handled Smartly

Exam stress acts as a negative aspect that blocks one’s creativity as well as slows down the proficiency level. To tackle this hassle, students must take suitable measures at the right time. In this regard, experienced academicians help them in developing a good study routine that can keep this mental anxiety away. However, a healthy lifestyle and a constructive study plan are valuable to handle this stress. Some more points to tackle this unfavourable stress are discussed here.

  • Maintain a right sequence of learning: Students must follow a right pattern of learning as this habit keeps them engaged and also allows them to learn something in a constructive manner. First reading and then writing the answers are two consecutive activities that make each learning process complete. Besides, students must follow a revision session for each chapter.
  • Turn your problem areas into strengths: Every student faces some difficulties while completing the syllabus. Some of them take more time to understand the topics, some feel confused to write the answers in a short span of time. However, to handle all these problems, students must do the rigorous practice of different reference study materials such as model papers, old question papers and worksheets. Besides, online study notes are quite effective to clear doubts thoroughly.
  • Follow a healthy diet and do some Physical activity: A healthy daily food keeps students energetic as well as healthy. In addition to this, some physical activities keep them fit in mind and health wise.
  • Plan your study and follow the routine strictly: Plan a study routine as per your convenience so that you can put your best in learning. For instance, if you prefer to solve Math at the morning time, then do that task at that time and learn other subjects at different time. Allot suitable time for each subject and follow the daily routine properly, so that each subject gets equal importance.
  • Keep some time in hand for extra revision: Always plan a study routine in a manner that the extra time can be kept for additional revision purpose. Thus, students can avoid the tension of shortage of study time.


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