Educational technology to improve teaching strategies

Education has been transformed and is continually undergoing changes thanks to newer teaching strategies and growth of virtual classrooms. Tools like DigitAlly are being widely popularized in schools all over making learning all the more interesting. In addition irrespective of whether you follow CBSE syllabus, ICSE syllabus or State board there are a myriad of online courses and CD’s available to help improve performance.

The biggest problem student’s face is the fact that Teacher Student ratio is one the rise. This means individual attention for pupils is limited, as is the quality of material and teaching that occurs in classrooms. The implications of technology assisted learning are huge for both teachers and students all over the country. Having additional teaching material and better learning forums online is an excellent way for students to improve their performance.

Main concerns which affect teacher’s performance are:

  • High burden of work
  • Inadequate resources and materials for teaching
  • Inadequate training and support
  • Low levels of motivation

Using Technology is a great way to increase the interactive atmosphere in the classroom and engaging the students better. This is a big reason why the blackboard is being replaced with whiteboards and projectors. E-learning programs and training from skilled educationists on conducting these classes in the best way increases teacher’s abilities and also makes them more motivated to achieve results.

Technology being integrated in education allows for more timely and up-to-date information being presented through mutual communication. Creating better quality of materials and sharing materials with timely feedback and tools to make corrections as and when necessary is an excellent way to improve the situation.

Students cannot change the entire schooling system; however they can find alternate ways to make use of these online and interactive resources through the World Wide Web and by buying CD’s. Thus you can make good use of websites like Edurite, Tutor Vista and more to enrich your learning and improve your performance.

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