Easy tips to learn faster

You may have often come across some students who are capable of learning faster than the others in the class. This is not magic. Generally, these fast learners have tips and methods that they follow. These better learners analyze their learning and summarize the matter of the topics in the textbooks into a few pages.  Revision is the best tool to understand a concept better. The revision must be done with the help of the notes than from the textbooks.

There are scores of methods that can help you in learning faster.

  • Make your own notes. Revise using them thoroughly. Refer the text book for any additional points.
  • Summarize the information that you have learnt so far. Try recalling it.
  • You can employ mnemonics to recall all that you have learnt.
  • You need to establish a connection between the learning and the mnemonics to help you recall better.
  • You need to understand the information and make sense out of it. Just don’t blankly by-heart the information learnt.
  • In theory subjects you can visualize certain concepts that will help you to learn and understand better.
  • Make your own time table for the studies. Follow it strictly.
  • Refer the notes of others if you need something. This will help you to fill in the gaps that you may have in your notes.
  • Always mark the additional notes with the help of the pencil.
  • Remember one thing, when you write your own notes and revise accordingly, this will help you to be a fast learner.

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