Easy math calculation tips

Math is a subject that many people have troubles with. There are innumerable sums that are there and with simple tips people can work out solutions to them. Math calculation tips and tricks are available all over the place- Online, in books, from teachers and more. Here are some easy math calculation tips you can make use of to do well in your paper.

We all know that when multiplying any number by ten, the result is obtained easily enough. Did you know that for multiplying any two digit number by 11 there is a similar easy rule that can be used. Here is how it works:

Say you wish to find out what is 37*11

Separate 3 and 7 3—-7

Add 3+7= 10

Since the sum is greater than 9, you will add the ones digit to 3 which makes it 4 and carry the tens digit to the position between 3 and 7. The answer is 407.

If the sum of the digits is less than 9

Taking 25*11



Therefore answer is 275

Another tip that you will find useful is when it comes to squaring two digit numbers ending in 5.

Say for example you want the square of 25

Take the tens part and add 1 ( 2+1=3)

Multiple the tens part by the obtained number (2*3=6)

And put 25 next to 6 giving you the answer which is 625.

Keep practicing with multiple numbers to become an expert.

Now that you know some simple tricks, I am sure you will find math far more enjoyable. Math is a game, it’s about learning to play with numbers and understanding some simple rules. The more you practice, the better results you can get! Try it out and learn the easy way!

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