Does your current reading skill require improvement?

We study hard for our exams but sometimes find that the results are not as good as we expected. It is then that we lose hope and start to question our ability to study and retain information. Instead of thinking about what has happened, it is time to rethink on our study skills which we adopt to understand, learn and retain information.

Here are some study-habits which can help you work towards success in your exams.

  1. Plan in advance – with only 2 months to go for the final exams, it would be a good idea to start planning from today. Plan your activities for the day according to the time in hand, allocating time for your studies (make it your priority) and play. Also, make a study plan for every week, as this will help you in identifying the areas in which you have to concentrate more.
  2. Place and time of study – the time and place of study which you choose must be conducive to the topic which you attempt to understand and retain. Not every place in the house can aide your concentration and retention of information. Choose a place which is devoid of any distractions and has a relaxing, calming effect on your mind. If your mind is relaxed, then it can work faster, which can work to your benefit.
  3. Recall at short intervals – information that has been assimilated must be recalled in short intervals, so that it is being retained in your memory for a long time. Take short breaks after studying every concept and try recalling the same. If you find that the information is being recalled without any trouble, then it means that it has made itself into your memory for later use.
  4. Revise – revision is one of the most important activities while preparing for your exams. Do spend time in revising all that you have learnt over a period of time. This will help you staying confident before the exams, thereby reducing any kind of exam anxiety.

Certain study habits can help you build your knowledge base and succeed in your exams. You will need to identify your study habits, make appropriate changes to them to make the best use of time in your hands.

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