Do you still prefer to write in Cursive Writing?

A handwriting style that emphasizes on connecting all the letters in the word as a part of a single stroke is known as Cursive Writing. The cursive writing has been in usage since the 17thcentury. In Britain it is also referred as “joined up writing”. Likewise, in Australia it is also referred as “running writing”. It has been seen that many parents complain of cursive writing being losing its charm and hold.

With the advent of information technology, the reliance on the computers has increased to a greater extent.    E-mails and the instant messaging has taken over the hand written letters and this has led to the decline of penmanship. This is probably the reason why most of today’s youngsters cannot write in cursive style.

There is a conflict among the experts about the usage of cursive writing. Some feel that the decline in the overall literacy skills is the main factor responsible for the decline of cursive writing and lack of its proficiency. There are other who feel that one must accept the change and the inclination towards the typewritten communication is the best sign of evolution in the technology.

In the recent years, it has been seen that the significance of good and proper hand writing has been declining. Now a days type written essays are gearing up and also the corporate and office workers prefer to send the reports, letters and any written communication in the form of emails. The postal service’s uses software for recognizing optical characters for sorting and processing mails. The postal service also discourages the usage of cursive writing as it causes errors in the process of recognizing the optical characters.

There are a few advantages of cursive writing too.  The cursive writing can be seen to be faster than printing. When there is an impossibility of using the laptop one can rely on the handwriting.  It is also seen that children who tend to have some sort of learning disability prefer cursive writing to printing or typing.

The art of teaching cursive writing though good is time consuming. It can also be seen that on the pretext of getting more federal funding and eradicating the handwriting instructions, many schools prefer to take up extra lessons in the subject of Mathematics and phonics and may even decide to get rid of the art of cursive writing. I’m now wondering whether this fantastic art of cursive writing will be completely eliminated or will survive the passage of time and emerge again?

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