Dealing with exam result stress

Exam results for class 10 and class 12 are just around the corner and many students might have an untold fear of the same. It is just not known as to why one fears the results. Many students start having panic attacks and feel stressed out a week before the results are announced. Let us understand on how to identify stress before the exam and ways to overcome it.

It seems like many days and hours before the designated hour for the exam results arrive. Every day and minute seems to be stretching more than always. All of us go through the same feeling before the day of the results – headaches, restlessness, irritability; mind filled with negative thoughts, increased heartbeat, lack of sleep, nightmares – the list just goes on. With many mixed feelings, it becomes difficult for one to relax and be normal.

Before proceeding to understand what you can do to reduce stress, it’s important that you identify your feelings and make up your mind to work around it. Here are some simple ways by which you can reduce the stress you face.

  1. Exercise – exercise is one way by which you can reduce stress.  Exercising is said to release endorphins, which can help you feel better. Also, it can take your mind away from thinking too much about the results.
  2. Talk to your friends – birds of the same feather flock together – you must have heard this statement. The best way to understand what you are going through is by talking to friends. Is it not just you who are going through this phase and mixed feelings; it’s all of you. Talking to your friends will help you understand and them to come out with their feelings. Many children are seen to be going through this hard time all by themselves, without getting to share with anyone.
  3. Understand your feelings and vent it out – when I mean that you should vent out your feelings, I mean that you must try to come up with alternative methods by which you can give vent to your feelings. For example: if you do not want to talk to people, go for a brisk walk. This will help you calm down. Any feeling, if kept within yourself, will only lead to greater problems later, so you might as well take care of it in the beginning.
  4. Identify your expectations – As a student, you know how well you have written in the exams. You also know what to expect. Do not extremely lower or increase your expectations and have a fair mind.
  5. Do not take in other’s expectations – with every exam, our family and friends associate a certain level of expectation for us, which you must try to ignore. The more you hear about their expectations, the more will your stress increase, which must be avoided.

So, till your receive your results, just relax and try to avoid any unwanted talk or negativity from your mind.

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