CBSE students- The toppers way!

Every student, whether CBSE or not has certain aspirations and ideals. To achieve these goals, students need to be focused. Many toppers claim that most of their learning occurred by paying attention to their lecturers and revising the daily portions. Says student Rachit, CBSE class 10 topper, Science, 2010 “It’s about spending quality time on the subject than the quantity of time I spend learning”.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Every student has the potential to be the best. We all have different styles of learning and different paces at which we learn, it is important to identify your positives and negatives before sitting down to work on a plan. Do a simple exercise, take a paper, clear your mind and honestly jot down subjects at which you are very skilled and those where you need help. Then start with the difficult subjects. Often we keep avoiding challenges and pushing them away, this makes things go wrong. It is far better to work on your negatives first and turn them into strength. Watch how you ace your CBSE exams and emerge top of the lot in no time at all.

Use the right resources

Many CBSE students complain that they do not have enough time. CBSE syllabus is not to blame, rather the numerous classes and tuitions kids end up shuttling between take away most of their free hours. What you can do is to sign up for some courses online which will make it easier for you to perform. You get to learn right at home and do not have to travel to and fro. Additionally, you get ample information and help with excellent CBSE websites such as Edurite that provide ample assistance to students in learning. The web is an excellent source for a number of reasons including quick and easy access to a variety of easy to use resources.

Time management

This is one area that is vital to any and every student.  Whether you belong to CBSE or state board, you need to manage your time and schedules effectively to achieve the results that you want. The better you handle your time, the more focused results you can produce.

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