Causes leading to malnutrition in children

Several internal and external factors result in causing malnutrition in children. The essential amount of vitamins, minerals and the nutrients are extremely necessary for a balanced diet. A failure to comply with this guideline can cause malnutrition in children. There have been cases where a disease prevents the body from absorbing the essential nutrients thus leading to malnutrition. In other cases children stay malnourished due to dearth of food.

Malnutrition can cause various health hazards like celiac disease and lactose intolerance. Children suffering from the celiac disease cannot consume gluten (a protein found in wheat and other grains). Due to the existence of the disease, the gluten is attacked by the immune system thus causing a grave damage to some vital parts in the body like the intestines, preventing the absorption of the food by them.

The main signs of malnutrition caused by the celiac disease can result in weight loss and anemia due to the dearth of calcium the child may suffer from rickets. Other symptoms can also include diarrhea and bloating.

Another significant condition leading to malnutrition in children is the Lactose intolerance. Calcium forms the basis of the diet in children and the condition of Lactose intolerance can fail to digest milk and dairy products. The best means to prevent this condition is by including various other sources of calcium like leafy vegetables and nuts.

Cystic fibrosis is another medical condition that leads to malnutrition. This condition produces the mucous in the cells that clog the airways and the tubes connecting the intestines and the pancreas resulting in the malnutrition.

Some babies do suffer from a condition that makes the eating process totally unpleasant. Babies with the acid reflux disease may refuse to eat. This condition can cause dysphagia (a condition that makes swallowing painful or at times impossible).

Dearth of proper balanced diet leads to malnutrition in children. Children can often be termed as malnourished in case if they do not receive proper requirement in the form of nutrition from their mother. Various countries are still living with poverty and this makes the children of these countries to live with higher risks of malnutrition.

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