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Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was the patriotic saint and an esteemed personality of India and this great man was born on 12 th January, 1863 in Kolkata (Calcutta) and his immeasurable contribution in society makes his birthday a signified day, the national youth day of India since 1985. However, this great man was the follower of Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism and he represented India at the Parliament of the World's Religions held in Chicago in September, 1893. His speech inspired the India’s youth as well as left an indelible mark on the other parts of the world. This incident made him famous as the ‘orator by divine right’ and it was the beginning and consequently, he spent almost three and half years and spread Vedanta in USA and London. Swami Vivekananda, the ‘Messenger of Indian wisdom to the Western world’ spent a … Continue reading

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Steps that Accelerate Your Productivity

Students face some common learning problems and they should find their own ways to solve those hurdles. But in this kind of situations, they need guidance to stay on the track and excel in different areas. However, mastering skills will automatically hone other qualities and makes your overall performance better in the tests. Have a look at these useful steps discussed here. • Set goals and accomplish: Set some small goals and then take the right measures to attain them. For instance, fix the days and within that period of time, complete some chapters. Consequently, practice some relevant questions and check whether writing the answers is convenient or not. If not, then review the chapters and again collect some more worksheets and write the answers. However, setting goals, along with a specific time frame is good to understand the value … Continue reading

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Yoga- A Great Way To Relieve Stress Before Exams

Yoga, a great gift that carries an old Indian tradition and it is not just a way to burn calories, but it adds a value that leads to a healthy and peaceful life. Yoga, a great way to stretch our muscles and tone our body, and most importantly, it has an immeasurable contribution to hone our mental flexibility as well as our aptitude. In brief, yoga is a manner to unite our body and mind while concentrating on the breathing techniques and it allows us to experience something which is composed and cogent to improve our skills. However, yoga, an invaluable gift that offers an array of benefits and hence, students should follow yoga postures to stay calm and focused during the exam time. Here, some merits of yoga are delineated. Yoga helps in managing your stress level: Students get … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – A time to Embrace Your Mom with Same Affection

Mother, the inspiration behind each aspiration, a person with full of kindness and spirit who always takes initiatives to do better for her kids. Mother, the synonyms of ‘Amma’ or ‘Maa’ the first word that a child speaks after his birth and gets her hand, for the first time. After living in the mother’s womb for long 9 months, the baby gets birth and hence, it is always a special bond between a mother and a child. An inseparable connection which is well-acknowledged, honored and celebrated. It is a special bond of sharing, caring and protecting which is regarded lifelong. However, Mother’s day is a day to cherish this special relationship with adoration, respect, warmth and affection and this is the time to give back to the same attachment and love to her that she showed throughout her life by … Continue reading

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7 Most Salient Study Tips- at a Glance

Students get stuck while completing the syllabus and it is quite common for all, but the main thing is that handling each situation by adopting the right measures. Some students feel anxious and some others lose their interest in learning. Some of them are finding the right ways to get a valuable exam preparation. However, the constructive study tips are the solutions of all learning problems. Without a study plan, if a student just reads the chapters; then it becomes monotonous and it does not lead to success in the tests. Therefore, students must follow a learning schedule and handle their exam stress to put their best in studies. Here, 7 most imperative as well as easy to follow study tips are discussed, along with their positive aspects. Students tend to forget the learned topics, especially before appearing in the … Continue reading

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Exam Stress- Needs to be Handled Smartly

Exam stress acts as a negative aspect that blocks one’s creativity as well as slows down the proficiency level. To tackle this hassle, students must take suitable measures at the right time. In this regard, experienced academicians help them in developing a good study routine that can keep this mental anxiety away. However, a healthy lifestyle and a constructive study plan are valuable to handle this stress. Some more points to tackle this unfavourable stress are discussed here. Maintain a right sequence of learning: Students must follow a right pattern of learning as this habit keeps them engaged and also allows them to learn something in a constructive manner. First reading and then writing the answers are two consecutive activities that make each learning process complete. Besides, students must follow a revision session for each chapter. Turn your problem areas … Continue reading

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