Career opportunities in the science streams

It’s that time of the year when students are busy exploring the various study streams and career opportunities associated with them. Every stream of education has a number of career opportunities for those who are willing to broaden their horizon and look at some of the unique available areas of work.

Here are some career opportunities which students can explore:

1. Meteorologist – We are all aware that the weather and the climate have a great impact on all our lives. We get to hear about the weather information in the various new channels and also get to read about them in the newspaper.  Have you ever wondered as to who collects all this info and makes it available for us? It’s a meteorologist.

A meteorologist collects information about atmospheric conditions and analyzes the data available. Some  of the areas where a meteorologist is required are – agriculture, air-pollution, air travel, sea travel, government organization etc. In order to become a meteorologist, one has to complete a 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences.

2. Geologists – Yet another interesting area of pursuing one’s career is that of a geologist. A geologist is a person who studies the earth and also finds out what shaped the earth the way it is today. Geology is a vast area of study and has various specializations that one can opt. Opportunities for a geologist can be found in government agencies, mining companies, constructions companies and academic institutions along with many others.

3. ATC – Air traffic controller – does this sound very familiar? Yes, you would have come across this name when you hear something about airplanes. An ATC guides the aircrafts to reach their destination safely. It happens to be one of the most responsible and crucial jobs as the lives of many lie in the hands of the ATC. One can find job opportunities with the government and private airlines. One needs to be a engineer in tele-communications, electronics or electrical to be eligible for the exam that is conducted for the same.

4. Pilot – being a pilot would have been a dream for many children. With the growth in the aviation industry, it is no more difficult to realize one’s dreams. To become a pilot, one has to enroll in a flight training institute and complete the required flying.

5. Organic chemists – these people are known to be doing a lot of research in finding applications for the organic molecules. Pharmaceutical companies, petro-chemical firms, fertilizer firms are some places where one can find growing demands to be met.

There are many more career opportunities that are available for students in the science stream. Keeping an open mind and exploring into various new areas can help you find the job area that suite you best.

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