Career opportunities in the banking sector

Banks – the only name that comes to mind when it comes to money. Financial institutions help us in our daily activities, making life simple and easier for all of us. With the increase in the demand for financial services, the number of vacancies in banks is also increasing. The most commonly known posts are that of clerks and probationary officers – due to the entrance exams for the same.

Banks are not a small institution, but an ocean with many departments and roles, as such the number of areas which a person can explore and fit into. Given below are some of the areas in which one can try their hands.

  1. Tellers/banker – tellers can be seen in any bank to assist with the withdrawal and depositing of money. Apart from these, a teller/banker also helps the customer with the transactions that he/she intends to perform. Opening/closing of a bank account, funds transfer, international payments, creating deposits, etc are some of the tasks which a banker helps with.
  2. Financial advisors – this is a new term coined for those who help the customers in planning out their finances. Every person would benefit more when a little help is received in terms of managing one’s finances in a better way. Tax saving, taxpaying, buying and selling stocks, bonds or mutual funds etc are some of the areas in which a financial advisor helps in.
  3. Marketing – marketing is an evergreen field that is also a part of our banking sector. Marketers working in the banking sector look out for marketing/publicizing their products with MNCs, colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutions. They also bring out certain offers which students and professionals can benefit.
  4. Management – officers in banks are of the management cadre. Branch managers, regional managers, assistant managers are some people who are required for the smooth sailing of every banking day. People in this cadre have to have strong business knowledge to aide in the success of their branch/region.

These were some of the areas in which one can explore. Technical and payroll are other teams which can be a part of one’s career in a bank.

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