Career counseling – for school students

“What do you want to be when you grow up” – isn’t this a very common question posed to many of us when we were kids. Being kids, we had lots of ideas and dreams. While one wanted to be a pilot, another wanted to build houses, yet another wanted to fight for his/her motherland. This then changed when we grew up. Depending on how well we studied and scored, our career options were decided. For the most studious it was professional courses, for the not so good it was commerce and for the academically weak it was arts stream.

This mindset has changed with many new interesting career options being available to one and all. Career counseling starts from high school when a student enters class 9/10. Here are some of the benefits for students who are counseled in school.

  1. Helps in identifying a person’s true potential – deciding on a career path is a difficult task for many students.  Career counseling helps the students identify their strengths and weaknesses and the area of interest, which in turn can help them in choosing a career option later in life.
  2. Clears confusion – students are clouded with the options to choose to achieve their career goals. Counseling helps them in clearing the confusion and guiding them towards the right path for the said career goal.
  3. Helps make clear decision – Counseling helps the students to make clear decisions about their future. It gives them a chance to explore the new domains, which sometimes are not considered favorable for students. For example: children of surgeon parents are required to become surgeons or children of chartered accountants are required to be CAs. Counseling gives students a chance to look at what interests them, rather than following a career path blindly.

Career counseling helps clear any kind of doubts and misconceptions which a student might have about a particular stream. Globalization has brought with it many career choices which are otherwise not considered by anyone. For example: floriculture, wedding planner, event management and choreographers are some of the new areas of career choices which have come up in the past few years. These new career avenues bring in good revenue and also fame.

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