Bringing out writing skills in kids

Writing and delivering assignments, drafting good answers for exams and for that matter writing a simple two lines all requires skill and an interest to performing well. It is not possible for everyone to have the same creativity and imagination when it comes to writing. There will of course be differences in the abilities of people. If you wish to ensure that kids thoroughly enjoy the process of writing, start by giving them assignments to write on about their favorite topics. Writing about things they are passionate about, will make the child more expressive.

Children love to get their hands down in color and pictures. Have a scrap book making event for them so that they can enjoy the process. Let them record something they love and are interested in like a collection of stamps, baseball cards, information about their pets, milestones in their life and so on. Cut out pictures of interesting pets to write about. Pictures of cars and bikes or dolls are also a good idea depending on your child’s likes and dislikes.

Ask them to describe a weekend of play, or their favorite game or the most fun they had. The words would just flow and writing will become more of an enjoyable experience than a dreaded one. As kids learn to add details, bring out new perspectives and interesting sides to conversations learning will become all the more enjoyable for them. Writing is a skill that is essential and important to every child. The more they practice writing, the better their vocabulary and ability to weave a piece of writing will be.

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