Bioinformatics as a career choice

Everyone seems to be running around looking for career choices and interesting and more demanding than the other. With the new generation ready to explore and enjoy, there are new career options coming up every day. Of the lesser known and confused career choices, bio-informatics is one. Let us understand a little about this field of work and remove all the confusions.

Bio-informatics is an upcoming area of work that can interest many. Drug discovery, gene finding, DNA sequencing, preventive medicine, helping grow crops etc are some places and areas of research where we can see the use of bio-informatics.

Man has always been fascinated by life and has been eager to break open the code of life. Integrating technology with biology is just one part of the exploration, which can help us reveal the secret. It is not only in the field of DNA sequencing and preventive medicine that one can use bio-informatics. One can find that there are unlimited list of possibilities where bio-informatics can be used.

As a new area of work and research, one can find themselves making a career in database design and management, sequence analysis, pharmacology, informatics developer etc. The next question which pops in your head would definitely be – what subjects do I need to take up to get into this field. You will have to choose the science stream with – genetics, chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, pharmacy, mathematics or veterinary science in your graduate studies. One can also do a master’s in the same area of specialization.

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